Monday, December 30, 2013

On the Menu Monday (MPM) - Week 1 (2014!)

I have still been laying low with this crud, but I am definitely on the road to recovery which is a very good thing. We are still planning on a low key New Years Eve with just dinner at our place with the neighbors. We had thought about maybe going to a friends lake house, but between not feeling all that great, and the boy having to work New Years Eve, it unfortunately just did not work out. 
This weekend was very low key, we did a couple of errands on Saturday and got out of the house before the cold cold cold hit. And then went over to friends for some appetizers and cocktails. They had family in town from CA, so it was fun to get to meet them and just get out and be a little social. 
The boys parents came over for dinner and to exchange gifts last night. We made a standing rib roast, scalloped potatoes and creamed spinach. The scalloped potatoes were pre-made from Costco, and I just had to throw them in the oven. They were very good, something we will definitely purchase again to have on hand. The boys parents had never had creamed spinach before, which is one of the boys favorites, and they enjoyed it, which was very good. 
This week is pretty low key, I really need to just feel 100% again. 

Plans - Home, trying to keep things low-key
Breakfast and Lunch - yogurt, fruit, cottage cheese
Dinner - Herb Roasted Lamb with Potatoes and steamed asparagus (we had to swap Monday for the breakfast I had planned for Wednesday, not enough time to get dinner done)
Plans - Dinner our house with the neighbors
Breakfast and Lunch - yogurt, fruit, salad
Dinner - BBQ ribs, Creamed corn with roasted red peppers, a dish my neighbor will be bringing. Dessert will be chocolates. 
Plans - Need to start getting the house back in order. Will probably head out to a movie with the boy, there are quite a few movies that we both want to see, it is almost awards time. 
Breakfast and Lunch - Egg bake, we have eggs and veggies that need to be used up and this will be great for leftovers the rest of the week. 
Dinner - Out with the boy
Plans - Home, laundry, start taking down Christmas
Breakfast and Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner - Clean out the fridge (making the lamb from Monday)
Plans - Maybe out to another movie
Breakfast and Lunch - yogurt, fruit, tuna
Dinner - Out or leftovers - need to get the fridge cleaned out (ordered in - pizza!)
Plans - Movie, errands
Breakfast and Lunch - yogurt, out
Dinner - maybe leftovers, depends on lunch Friends L & J for dinner, I am going to post the menu later!

This was SO good, I am definitely making this stew again, we served it over mashed potatoes, perfect cold weather food. Beef and Mushroom Braised Stew.
Plans - Home, finish taking down Christmas and getting the house back in order
Breakfast and Lunch - Out, for brunch we did not leave the house, too cold!
Dinner - Something light leftovers, we have a ton of leftovers!

Here is our list of movies we still need to catch
In Theater - 
American Hustle
The Wolf of Wall Street
Saving Mr. Banks
Catching Fire
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Mandela - Long Walk to Freedom

On Demand - 
Enough Said

That is what our sketchy week is looking like at the moment, not a ton of cooking going on, but that is only because I really want to get the fridges cleaned out so we can get on a regular cooking schedule starting next week. We are back on the healthy eating regimen with the 17-Day Diet, Phase 1. So lots of fish and veggies starting next week. We have two fridges both the fridge and freezer full at the moment, so we need to get through what is in them at the moment. I made really good progress the latter half of last year, and dropped almost all of the weight that I wanted to by the end of the year, only 4 pounds shy of my goal, so I will take that as a success and just know I need to stick with this change for 2014. I definitely miss the carbs, pasta, breads, rice, potatoes, but I just know that every once in a while is okay too. 
For more meal plans and links to recipes, check out the orgjunkie

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Susan said...

Go you -- within 4 lb of your weight loss goal is wonderful! I would like to drop some weight in the new year, too. You have a delicious looking plan and reading your post has helped motivate me to get my house un-decorated and back to normal by week's end. Feel better and happy 2014!