Sunday, March 17, 2013

On the Menu Monday (MPM) - Week 11

Starting to get caught up, this will be my last post for the past, then I can focus on staying caught up going forward.

Plans - Home
Dinner - Chicken Pot Pie - Fail, Scott went to McDonalds for quick take out. We had a chicken pot pie from Trader Joe's that may have been in the fridge too long

Plans - Bunco, I sub hosted for a neighbor that had water damage to her house. Went with a St. Patrick's day theme, so much fun!
Dinner - I made a Creme de Menthe trifle, a platter of green veggies, my favorite cranberry dip and had lots of fun green and fun treats out. Skittles and rolos to represent the rainbow and pot of gold were one of my favorites.

Plans - Look at lamps - we wound up purchasing our comforter, liked a couple of sets of lamps, but didn't love anything. Here are some looks that we liked though. Home Goods is by far my favorite place to look for lamps and such. Best prices. I am not sure if I want to go with a brushed nickel or a bluish teal yet. My favorites are the ones on the bottom, but the boy doesn't like the shape of the shades, grrrrrrr. I don't know why I let him vote.
Dinner - Bacio

Plans - Movie - West End - Identity Thief - We came home to a cop blocking our street, so we went one strret down and tried to get through and couldn't, there were fire trucks everywhere. A girl whose parents live one down from us said we are better off just parking and walking. I saw a fireman and asked what was going on, he said there was a fire at the blue house on the corner. My heart just sank. Our lovely neighbors Al and Jane had an electrical fire in their attic, there were fire trucks everywhere. I called our neighbors, who are also good friends and they said everyone was in their driveway to walk down. Oh the feeling and thought of a house fire, so scary. Luckily they were okay as well as their beagle Emma. But the damage to their house is just too much to comprehend. We spent most of the evening at the neighbors having cocktails as the firetrucks didn't leave until after 10 and we could not get to our house. SO scary, but thank goodness everyone is okay. It also happens to be one of our favorite houses on the street.
Dinner - Popcorn at the movies, cocktails at the neighbors.

Plans - Home
Dinner - Cheese and crackers - more of a HH dinner

Plans - Look at Parade of Homes with neighbors. We saw some great homes and got some good ideas. Of course my favorite room, at my favorite house, I did not take pictures of, so I might have to go back to it.
Dinner - Golden Nugget - Burgers
I love this sectional, I am thinking this might be nice for the downstairs or our media room. Such classic styling.

I like the way the lamps looked on the nightstands. Wanted to get an idea for shapes. Love the headboard too.

Getting ideas for dining room light fixtures, I liked this, the boy not so much.

Loved the look of the hanging and the chandelier over the table. 

Nice looking kitchen.

This is what we have in mind for our walk up bar for downstairs.Only white. 

Nice pendant lighting, possible kitchen idea. 

Plans - Errands, Mom and Dad for dinner
Dinner - Ribs, Scalloped potatoes, steamed broccoli, acorn squash

For more meal plans and links to recipes, check out the orgjunkie and Stone Gable.

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