Sunday, February 24, 2013

On the Menu Monday (MPM) - Week 8

Obviously I do not have my work/life balance worked out at the moment, which is making me a little beyond crazy. I am still doing my best to adjust to working out of an office, planning meals, outfits, planning my time, there is a lot to take into consideration.

We had a really good LONG weekend. Friday, the cooking class we took, at Saga Hill Cooking School, on Friday with six other couples was an absolute blast. The woman who ran the class, Marianne, was belly laugh hysterical and our group had an awesome time. The food was fantastic, the recipes were sent to us Sunday and I have already made the pulled pork which was delicious! The class was an absolute blast though.

Saturday we went to the St. Paul Home and Patio show. There is one next week in Minneapolis which is much bigger and I would really like to go to that one, especially since as it turns out, we missed the biggest room, and it was probably the room that would have benefited us the most. Really poor signage. I thought the whole show overall was pretty weak, the best thing that I saw there was some furniture for the deck, but I am not sure what I am going to do with the deck yet here this summer.

We ran some errands after and wound up at Romano's Macaroni Grill for dinner. I had never been there before, and it was right next to where we were running errands. Overall I thought it was okay for a chain, we thought it was going to be quick and easy, we were wrong. There was a 45 minute wait when we got there, luckily I snagged a spot for us at the bar, and we wound up eating there, the place was packed, I couldn't believe it.

Sunday we thought that we would have more time to work on the house, but we had tickets to the Metropolitan Ballet's production of Swan Lake at 3:00. I LOVED it, I think if I tried to get the boy to go again, it might have to be kicking and screaming, but hey, I go to a lot of car shows which really aren't my "thing". Its all about give and take. After the ballet, we decided to take advantage of D'amico and Partners and their Sunday night date night special. For $50 you get a bottle of wine, starter, entree and dessert for two. It is a wonderful deal, especially because their restaurants are all so fabulous and the food is excellent. We decided to try Campiello since it is the closest to our house. The atmosphere was perfect for a cold chilly MN winter night. It was so warm and inviting inside and the restaurant was packed so I am glad I had made reservations. Dinner was exceptional. We had wonderful service, the food was delicious and the whole thing just made for a very enjoyable evening. Since we both had Monday off for Presidents day, it was so nice to be out on a Sunday night for a nice long leisurely meal. Dessert was a butterscotch pana cotta with a brittle dipped in dark chocolate and sea salt for me, and a chocolate molten cake for the boy with peanut butter ice cream and brittles. We don't usually do dessert, so this was a special treat!

It was SOOOO nice to be home Monday. The boy started working on painting our bedroom, starting with the trim and doors. It will be so nice to get rid of all that ugly dark brown wood and lighten things up. This is the look we are going for (from Pinterest where I have a whole board for our Master Bedroom ideas)

I need to dig up some before pictures so that I can show you the progress.

Good thing I am finally getting this posted, only a week late, ugh!

Plans - Home, no work! Mani/Pedi, friend J came by for dinner and catch up
Dinner - Pulled spicy pork on tortillas with the fixings

Plans - Out with the boy for dinner
Dinner - Pizza out with the boy

Plans - Home
Dinner - Chicken Chili - leftovers from the fridge

Plans - Out with friends M & M to celebrate their engagement
Dinner - Borough, so excited to try this new restaurant

Plans - a haircut, time for something fresher, out with friends to celebrate a birthday
Dinner - Union, another new restaurant for us

Plans - Oscar Party!
Dinner - We have paired the food we will be serving with the movies, I will do a whole post on the party!

Plans - Veg and clean-up from the party
Dinner - Leftovers

For more meal plans and links to recipes, check out the orgjunkie and Stone Gable. I really need to get this whole work/life balance thing back in check.

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