Monday, November 12, 2012

On the Menu Monday (MPM) - Week 46

I can't believe the weekend is over. We had a good, but busy weekend and now I am on the road, traveling for the week, not back until Friday, so no meal planning this week. I am bringing my lunch in this week though so I know what I am eating.

We had a great turn out for the wine event Friday. Some really fun people, and a ton of fun. It was a big group, we had over 35 people, some great wines and wonderful food. Saturday we spent the entire morning working on the table settings and logistics for Thanksgiving. I wanted to make sure I had enough of everything before we headed out for the day so that if we needed to pick anything up we could, but we had everything we needed at home and I am pleased with the way the tables turned out. We have a table of 8, the dining room table, a table of 4 in the sitting room, a table of 5 in the eat-in kitchen and a table of 4 in the media room. We will use that table for some appetizers and then right before dinner will set that table as well. I also let the boy come up with the seating arrangement. I think he did a really good job. Now the only thing left for the tables is to iron the napkins and fill the salt and pepper shakers, but it is looking good.

After we finished the tables, we decided to head to the movies, it was an overcast day, even though it was very warm. We saw Argo and we both loved it, great movie, and I can't wait to see how it does during the awards.When we came out of the theater the sun was shining and it was about 60+ degrees, so we decided to meet up with friends who were enjoying drinks on a restaurant patio in Uptown. It was an awesome way to spend a November 10th Saturday afternoon!

Sunday we celebrated Veteran's Day and the boy picked his lunch spot, Red Robin. The weather had definitely turned. We had a storm come through overnight and actually had thunder and lightening. When we left the house around lunch time, it was only in the low 20's. My body definitely was not ready for that, I was chilled to the bone all day! After we did some errands, picking up non-perishables for Thanksgiving and ordering the turkey, crossed a lot off of the list this weekend for Thanksgiving which is good since this is a travel week and next week I can focus on preparing some of the side dishes in advance and cleaning the house. Next up, our annual holiday party December 1st. We sent out 48 invitations this year, and the RSVP's have started coming in. There have been a couple of regrets that I am super bummed about, but it is also someone that I am starting to get used to the disappointment from. It is weird when couples get together and start dating, it is weird to see where the friendshifts start to happen, but I guess you have to realize it is just going to happen to. Next up is finalizing the appetizer list and putting together the shopping list. I have some organizing to do to prepare for that evening as well, but my hair and nail appointments have been made, my outfit has been finalized and now it is just about putting the final ta-da list together. This little one has been more of a distraction than help lately :)

This week is pretty boring because of the travel, but have to make the best of it!

Plans - Travel
Dinner - Out with Co-workers

Plans - Travel
Dinner - Out with Co-workers - chili the boy made for lunch

Plans - Travel
Dinner - Out with co-workers - pasta dish for lunch

Plans - Travel
Dinner - Out with co-workers

Plans - Travel
Dinner - on the road

Plans - Shop for groceries for Thanksgiving
Dinner - Out, maybe a movie

Plans - Work on the house, we have a couple of closets that need to be organized, we are also going to look at carpet for the lower level.
Dinner - finally a home cooked meal. . . .Greek Inspired Chicken

For more meal planning, with links to recipes and meal plans (real ones, not like this lame one), check out Stone Gable and the Orgjunkie.

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