Monday, November 05, 2012

On the Menu Monday (MPM) - Week 45

Time has just been flying by lately, I don't know where it seems to go. We had a busy weekend, I don't feel like I got anything accomplished and now I get to play catch up this week. The Ta-Da list is a mile long. 

It was a total working weekend for the most part for me. Friday we went to dinner with a co-worker and his wife at Parma 8200, which is definitely a favorite of ours. Good conversation, wonderful dinner. Saturday morning came way too early. I had an all day conference, leaving the house at 7:30 and not getting home until 5:30. It was a really good conference though, learned a lot, met some new people and even ran into some old friends. Quickly ran home to change and get the boy, and then we met up at the hotel where co-workers were staying and 8 of us headed out for dinner and a night on the town. We had a really good time, great team building, lots of laughs and fun to get to show them another part of the twin cities. Sunday was brunch with co-workers early (I heard someone say something about an extra hour of sleep, I think I must have missed that) then a trip to my parents house to get my mom's computer up and running. We also had to make a pit stop at Michael's to pick up some card stock to finish the holiday party invites, those will be out today.  I had to swap out her hard drive and put it in some new hardware. This is just a bandaid, while the hardware is in good shape and her hard drive should be okay for a while, she really does need a new laptop. The problem is, everything is coming loaded with Windows 8 right now, which is vastly different from anything she has used. So I figure before I have to support her, I should probably start using it myself. She is also is thinking about a tablet or an iPad. I told her I would take her out shopping and we would spend some time looking at her options before she just buys something. It took about 30 minutes longer at my parents than I had planned (I had to fix my dad's tool bars on his laptop too), then we were off to meet the boys parents for the Vikings game, late of course, but we finally made it. 

The boy is kind of in the dog house at the moment. It was kind of a frustrating day for the two of us yesterday. Do you ever just have those days? I really wanted to see his parents and spend some time with them, so did he and it had been a while and they had just come back from a trip. He let them know that I had a conference all day Saturday, and originally we were going to celebrate my nephews birthday with him Sunday, but because of everything going on, we are going to do it in two weeks. But he didn't update his parents. They wanted us to meet them at a sports bar and then go back to their house to watch the Amazing Race, but it was just too much and too far for us, especially this weekend. His dad never really gets this. His parents are both retired, so their time is theirs, where we really have to plan ours carefully. The boy also chose to ask his parents if they were coming to our house for Thanksgiving, in front of his sister and niece, whom his father asked if they could come as well. Things are complicated there as there were two more kids and a boyfriend who were not there, so adding another five for dinner, when we are already looking at 14 is not that easy. Especially since his family does things much differently then mine does. If it is just his parents, it would work, but if we start adding others it gets complicated and changes dynamics and plans already set in place. I know plans can change, and I know I should just roll with it, but they don't make much of an effort to be all that inviting or cordial, I don't want to be uncomfortable in my own home when I have to tend to dinner and guests and just want to enjoy the day and family.  The boy, of course, being a boy, doesn't think or really get this, drives me nuts. I guess especially because he doesn't really have to do anything that day, except for clean, it is harder for him to put thought into it. Ugh. I am really frustrated today. Sorry, had to vent!

This week is busier than I would like, but gotta keep moving forward!

Plans - HOME! I have a mountain of laundry and I have to go into the office for a meeting from 2 to 3, plus I have to get the invitations for the holiday party completed and get some laundry done. Plus clean up from the tornado that tore through here this weekend. 
Dinner - Pasta night, I am not sure what I am going to make yet, either a butternut squash gnocchi or a chicken alfredo.

Plans - Election day, definitely voting and then watching the returns come in with neighbors.
Dinner - Making a taco soup from a new recipe in a magazine which I will post later.

Plans - Going to see the screening of Lincoln, we didn't make it last week
Dinner - Out, not sure where yet

Plans - Out with friends
Dinner - Keegans - fun Irish Pub

Plans - Wine Event
Dinner - Not sure what I am going to bring for the wine event, but I am looking for a fun, hearty appetizer recipe. I may make the cranberry dip with cilantro and cream cheese. 

Plans - We do not have any plans at all this weekend, and I can hardly wait. I have so many things I need to get done at home. We need to re-do the lights for the outside of the house for the holidays, that will be a big job for the boy. I want to get the tables set and ready for Thanksgiving, I am traveling all next week, so that will be a big thing off of my list. I don't need to put plates and everything out there, but just get the logistics down, and get placecards printed and placed. Have to finish going through clothes and drop things off at places for donation. LOTS to do this weekend. I have started shopping too, I have gotten a few things for the boy, a couple of things for the rest of my family, I would like to get the majority of it done so that I can enjoy December. LOTS to do, but I just need to be organized, so I will work on that this weekend as well. 
Dinner - Pig and Fiddle - the boy and I have not been there yet, and I think we need a date night out. They don't take reservations, so we will have to time this right. 

Plans - A day of rest? I doubt it. More of the same and getting ourselves organized. For me this means packing for the upcoming travel. I have to remember to pack snow gear this time. 
Dinner - Not sure if we are going to leave Sunday night or Monday yet, so dinner will be a game time decision. 

If you are looking for some good recipes and more meal plans, check out Stone Gable and the Orgjunkie. Sorry, the next two weeks are pretty lame for me with traveling and such, but I will be back to post some recipes later this week. 

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