Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Last night as Sandy devastated the East coast, my thoughts were with family and friends out East. The perfect storm they called although when I think of perfect, I don't think of something that has caused so much destruction. My thoughts go out today to all those dealing with no power, flooding, tree damage, fires and just overall loss. It is going to take quite a while to clean up from this mess. I was watching Chris Cuomo and Sam Champion on GMA this morning, and Chris was saying how he had that eerie pit in his stomach feeling like he did right after 9/11, I can only imagine, but it was a great description.

So we hunkered down last night, there was just that chill in the air. The boy made a fire and we had dinner and caught up on DVR. Stella wanted some cuddling as well of course.

All of the perfect things for a chilly relaxing night!

Stella loves the furry blankets.

Laptop keeping me up to date re: Sandy. A good fire, Mike and Molly on DVR. 

A good glass of red and a fall smelling candle. 

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