Wednesday, September 26, 2012

On The Menu Monday (MPM) - Week 39

Okay, so Monday got away from me! We had a busy weekend and yesterday was catch up!

Friday we had a birthday party in our neighborhood which was a lot of fun, but it got chilly quick when the sun went down, so a couple of the close neighbors wound up here for drinks which was nice.

Saturday was bright and early for my last duty as a Summit volunteer. They opened a tap room and converted all of the volunteers to employees. While one two hour shift once a month works, a part-time job with my full time job just does not work. We had a wine event on Saturday evening for the wine club which was a lot of fun. It was all things Trader Joe's. I put together a pretty good antipasti platter which went over well.
Sunday we had brunch with the boys parents and then went to check out some of the Parade of Homes. Got some good ideas and I think we are closer on a color for our main floor. I also LOVED these hardwood floors, would love these on our main floor.
Sunday night I worked on reducing all of the unread mail in my inbox from well over 1200 to 4. Felt so good to get that down to a manageable number.

This week we have a lot going, but work needs to take priority, I have a lot that needs to get done. . .

Plans - Home, walk with the boy
Dinner - Chicken with pasta and sauce

Plans - Home
Dinner - The boy ran out and got sandwiches at Mort's while I worked most of the night getting a couple of reports done.

Plans - Home, Pond Association Meeting at the neighbors
Dinner - Leftovers

Plans - Cards with the neighbor girls
Dinner - Uninspired at the moment

Plans - House warming party in Uptown
Dinner - out

Plans - Wine Event at TCF Stadium, looks like the weather is going to be awesome too!
Dinner - out

Plans - Parade of Home Remodeler Showcase
Dinner - Chicken Marsala

For more meal plans and links to recipes, check out Stone Gable and the Orgjunkie.

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Jacky Hackett said...

I love me a nice cheese tray!