Thursday, March 08, 2012

Oscar Party!

About a week and a half ago the boy and I hosted our first Pre-Oscar Party. We had planned this party for a year ago, but then came home to a flooded basement. We had decided to do a pre-Oscar night party due to the fact that we knew it would be more fun on a Saturday night rather than a Sunday night.

The boy and I had a blast planning the party. Decorations, we scoured Pinterest for ideas and I created a board to save our "Pinsperation", we also saw all but 1 of the nominated movies, so we decided to choose food to reflect the movies that we had seen.

I made the invitations, which was also a lot of fun. We go back and forth for our parties as to whether to order them or make them, these were a lot of fun. We tried to get a border around them, but it just didn't work. We mailed them in silver envelopes which we printed, and added "and the envelope goes to. . ." to the addresses.

We asked people to come dressed in their Oscar finest, to walk the red carpet of course, we had a lot of fun with that, but of course we didn't get our picture taken on the red carpet! 

Even Stella got in on the action!
 I wish I would have taken a picture of the entrance, I might have to set it up just to take a picture. We went to the thrift store and bought 40 clear glasses and put tea lights in them and lined the sidewalk on each side. At the beginning of the side walk we had two helium balloon bouquets in red, black, silver and gold pearlized. We also had a sign that said celebrity parking only. 

Along the red carpet we also printed out and posted the movie posters for the nominated movies.

We bought empty movie reels and canisters to use for serving dips and to use as trays. Of course we had to have popcorn to go with the movies!
The tealight Eiffel Tower holder came from Pier 1 and was to represent Midnight in Paris and Hugo. We thought it would also come in handy for our French wine tasting events. We also had lots of mini Oscar trophies around that people had fun posing with throughout the night.
We had stars throughout the kitchen and eat in kitchen area for our stars to walk on and pose with. Our friend M jazzed up his look by adding a pop of color to his laces and socks. He is pretty trendy and colorful though!

One of the highlights of the night was our photo area with cutouts! Everyone had so much fun with them and really vamped it up!
Here were our food pairings with the movies (we did our best!)
The Help - Chocolate Pie
Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close - New York Style Cheesecake
Hugo and Midnight in Paris - French cheeses and baguettes
Moneyball - mini hotdogs
The Artist - Black and White Cookies
The Descendants - Pineapple

Overall, it was a fabulous night, we had a great time and I think our friends did as well, we will definitely have this party again next year!
I am participating this week in Tablescape Thursday, it has been a while, but I do love my Tablescapes!


Denise said...

This is very neat. I especially love the cutout. Did you make it yourself?

Love how you paired the desserts with the nominated movies too.

Anonymous said...

You all are having waaaaaay too much fun! This is a fabulous adult party and you thought of so many details.

Can't wait to see next year's photo op and please take pictures of you and spouse and the outside.

All this is just fabulous!!!

Tess said...

This is just great! You are so clever and creative!! Looks like a great time. You deserve an Oscar Night Achievement Award. Love the food to match the nominees!!!