Monday, February 27, 2012

Meal Plan Monday - Week 9

OYE! Last week was nuts due to traveling and being away, and then having a ton of stuff going on this past weekend. No posting, not enough sleep, but lots off fun too.

The drive up north with three of my co-workers was kind of fun, but we also drove up in a snowstorm. We were actually very productive while we were away and did some bonding as well. It is fun getting to know everyone a bit better as well.

This week we have some fun things to look forward to. But seriously, where has February gone? I can't believe March is almost here too. Ugh, that means at the end of March I will be celebrating the 21st Anniversary of my 21st birthday. That would mean that my 21st birthday was half my lifetime ago. Seriously, weird.

Plans - Home, catch up on DVR
Dinner - leftover tri-tip steak cubed with leftover mushrooms from the Oscar party, jasmine rice, and steamed green beans

Plans - Home, catch up on DVR. We are supposed to be getting our worse snow storm of the season starting tomorrow afternoon.
Dinner - Salmon (this is the latest and greatest favorite go-to salmon recipe), rice, green beans

Plans - JLM Committee meeting - our house
Dinner - Tortellini with Cranberries, Pecan and Feta and appetizers

Plans - Home and Garden Show
Dinner - Our favorite French Restaurant - Pierre's

Plans - Out with Friends
Dinner - Restaurant Week - The Capitol Grill

Plans - Food and Wine Show - Volunteering
Dinner - Out with Friends after volunteering

Plans - Food and Wine Show - Attending (free tickets for volunteering)
Dinner - after eating and drinking all day. . .we won't be eating. . .

For more recipes and links to some great menus, check out the orgjunkie.

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