Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Movie Reviews

We have been able to catch up on some movies over the holidays, which we love. Here are some movies we have seen and enjoyed over the past couple of weeks.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
I am probably the only person that has not read this book, or any of the books. I have it on my Nook, but it started out so slow that I never really got into it. We saw this movie with a big group of seven of us, most had read the books, and even seen the Swedish version of the films. I really enjoyed the movie even though it was dark. I thought it had some wonderful characters, the story held my interest and I am looking forward to the other movies (I hope they make them). I did tell the boys mother that I didn't think that his dad would be able to follow it. The reason for that is that his hearing is not that great, and some of the accents can be hard to hear from time to time. Other than that I would highly recommend the film and I am pretty sure we will see some Oscar nods.

The Descendants
I loved this film, and I think that it is one of the best films I have seen Clooney in for a while. Although I did like him in Ides of March, I thought that was Ryan Goslings film. The story in this film, while heart-wrenching, was well told and I loved the way that the relationships between the father and daughters developed. It also made me think about what I would do or how I would feel in that situation. The scenery was fabulous, I have never been to Hawaii and I definitely want to go. Highly recommend this film, and I do hope that Clooney gets an Oscar nod.

War Horse
My favorite out of all of the films I have seen this year. This is an epic film, one I will always remember, never forget and even at 2 1/2 hours, I would pay to go and see this in the theater again. The cinematography is amazing, the story well-told, touching and beautiful. The horse is really the star of the film, and it is amazing to me that they were able to get a horse to do the things that it did. I had every emotion through this film, and while it is a war story as well, the messages in this film are delivered so well. I would not recommend this film to my niece. At almost 11, and her love of horses, I just don't think that she would be able to follow it and I think that some of it would just make her way too sad. If you have not seen this film, go see it, I loved it!

We Bought a Zoo
Awesome family film. Great storyline, Matt Damon is a goof, but for some reason I also thought it was a little unrealistic that he had a 14 year old, but I do realize it is not that unrealistic. Although hooking up with Scarlett Johanson maybe was the unrealistic part? Not sure. Great animals, cute story, feel good family film. I don't see any awards coming out of this one, but we did enjoy it with the boys parents (even though his dad slept through most of it :)).

We have some films coming up that we will be screening in January (Joyful Noise, Man on a Ledge, Act of Valor so far), and a few that we have missed and need to catch that I am sure will be up for awards. I really want to see Moneyball and My Week with Marilyn, those are on the list for this weekend I think.

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