Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Meal Plan Monday - Week 51

I cannot believe there are only two weeks left this year. And Christmas is approaching at lightening speed and I have a million things left to do of course. We have a busy, but fun, week ahead of us. I would like to spend the week at home just doing things I would like to do, instead of having to work, but oh well!

Plans - Screening of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Dinner - The theater where we are seeing the screening, in the VIP area, has a wonderful cocktail lounge with fabulous food.

Plans - BUNCO! So excited that it got switched this month so that I could attend!
Dinner - something quick and easy so that I can head out the door to BUNCO!

Plans - My parents and their very good friends for dinner, probably the last time I will get to spend any social time with my parents before they leave for the winter. They are going to be gone longer this year too, we will really miss them, but I know they have so much fun down in AZ. I call it sleep away camp for Senior Citizens!
Dinner - everyone likes my spaghetti and meatballs, so that is what we are serving!

Plans - the last of our cards should be arriving by today, the plan is to get them addressed and ready to go out the door, SO LATE this year, not happy about that!
Dinner - Sakana take-out

Plans - the boy is taking the day off, I will work a 1/2 day from home. SO, last minute shopping, cleaning, wrapping and food prep! Oh, and a pedicure for me!
Dinner - Angeno's pizza in Maple Grove (we have a Groupon that expires the 24th, should work out nicely!)

Plans - Christmas Eve! We are hosting again, still working on finalizing the menu, but I know my mom will be bringing her chicken and wild rice soup!
Dinner -

Plans - Brunch at mom and dad's with everyone still in pj's but the boy (he does not understand leaving the house in his pajamas), then the boy and I will hit the movies and then home for a nice quiet dinner together. We are still trying to decide between leg of lamb or standing rib roast. . . I have a few menus that I need to post, so I will get back to that later this week!

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