Monday, December 05, 2011

Meal Plan Monday - Week 49

I am not sure where last week went, time seems to fly by this time of year! We had a fabulous weekend, which was busy, but so much fun!

Friday we spent the evening making appetizers and getting ready for our annual holiday party (which I will do a separate post of later this week) and then Saturday the boy went to work, I got the house ready and then went for some pampering. I did something I have never done before and had my hair lightened. I started going to a local stylist last month who I just love. She mentioned that she thought my hair would look good with what she called a ten-pack which basically just lightened the part and center of my hair which blended it with the rest of my color. My hair tends to get darker in the winter and I usually just let it go until the spring when it gets naturally lightened by the sun. I absolutely love it though, she did a wonderful job and just in time for the holidays. They also have an esthetician on staff that specializes in eyebrows. They made the recommendation to actually darken my eyebrows and make them fuller, I decided what the heck. It is the opposite of everything I have ever known, but something different sounded like a good idea. I love it. She said it would really make my eyes stand out, and she was right. So much fun to go for some pampering before a big party.

This week is pretty mellow with some fun stuff thrown in. I really love this time of year due to all of the parties and festivities.

Plans - Shop for dinner Wednesday night
Dinner - Parmesan Panko Crusted Chicken with a Lemon Butter Sauce, rice, asparagus

Plans - Movie screening The Sitter
Dinner - on the go

Plans - Friends for dinner
Dinner - Lamb Shanks with Red Wine, Mushroom Risotto, green beans

Plans - Wine Class
Dinner - Dinner during class, can't wait!

Plans - Home
Dinner - Asparagus and Meatball Stir fry

Plans - Out
Dinner - Dinner at friend J's. She is a fabulous cook and it is a wonderful group, can't wait!

Plans - Amazing Race Finale, I am sad to say, my team Andy and Tommy was knocked out this past week. I really thought they would take the whole thing.
Dinner - the boy is making his chili from Grillfest, I am making a white chicken chili.

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