Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More Wine Events!

After our brown bag night, we had a big day planned. We started off at the University of MN football stadium for Taste! the Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine wine event. It was an absolute blast. The big phenomenon in the Twin Cities this summer has been all of the wonderful food trucks. They have been written up everywhere and a ton of people have raved about the food. They brought in about 15 trucks and had a contest where people voted for their favorites. All I have to say is I was so excited that they chose to do this so that I could sample a little bit of everything at once. It was hard to choose a favorite. It was also nice to get some food in our stomachs before hitting the wine after the night we had before, the food was definitely appreciated.

We also got to go down onto the field and check things out.
Here are a few of the favorite wines from the day!

After the Taste! event, the boy and I headed home for some rest before my sister and the kids came over. My brother in law has a good friend that he grew up with that plays in a band. The

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