Monday, May 09, 2011

Meal Plan Monday - Week 19

Oh where does the time go? This weekend seems to have flown by. I realized as last week went by that I didn't post our plans for this past weekend. The boy and I had Thursday off for a good family friends funeral. This was a tough one, my dad's best friend, his golfing buddy. My parents spend the winters in AZ with them and the rest of the year here in Minnie with them. It was a very nice service and celebration of life, but it has been hard to watch my mom and dad go through this. I decided to take Friday off as well, I had a huge list of things to get done and just needed the time for myself.

We have been busy getting the guest room ready for our friend K from CT to come and visit. She comes into town Friday and we can't wait to see her. In February when we were in New York, she and J shared the special news with us that they were expecting. She will have the baby bump for sure when we see her this weekend and the girls and I are excited to toast her and baby to be!

Sunday we had our parents over for Mother's Day. I made beef and pork shish kebobs with green, yellow, orange and red peppers as well as red onion. We also put pineapple on the pork kebobs which was delicious. Along with the kebobs I made a Greek pasta salad and rice pilaf. We also picked up a strawberry cream pie from our favorite bakery. It was a really nice day and we enjoyed spending time with our family.

This week is pretty busy with last minute arrangements for Kate's visit, but it should be a fun week too! The weather has finally started getting nice, tomorrow is supposed to be 80 and the trees and flowers are starting to bloom.

Plans - Goodwill drop off, Trip to Lowe's for blinds, curtain rod and odds and ends
Dinner - Smash Burger

Plans - Junior League
Dinner - On the go

Plans - Finishing touches on the guest room and work on turning over closets
Dinner - Stir Fry

Plans - If we haven't finished he guest room, finish that, clean the house
Dinner - leftovers

Plans - K from CT gets in
Dinner - BBQ ribs on the grill, corn on cob, red potatoes

Plans - Brunch Baby Shower for K
Dinner - Up in the air

Plans - Low key, hang out with K
Dinner - out somewhere that K would like to get back to!

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