Monday, April 25, 2011

Meal Plan Monday - Week 17

We had a really good weekend, but they go by way too fast. I was able to take a good part of Friday off of work. A few conference calls in the morning and then I got a call at about 8:30 pm to hop on another call for a couple of hours. For a good part of the day though, I was able to take part in a fun event with my sister and her family, more on that soon, check out a movie, Rio, with my niece and nephews and made dinner for my mom, dad and the boy.

Saturday the boy and my dad got to work on the basement early. It is really coming along, they have done a great job and put in a full week of work. I got some errands done and then we headed off to a wonderful food and wine event. We had a great time catching up with friends and it was nice to have a night out.

Sunday we were able to get some chores done at home and then head to my sisters for Easter. We had a really nice early dinner, and then we took the kids over to the boys sisters, to pick out our new addition to the family. Stella. She is still getting settled in and adjusting, but she sure is cute.

This week we have a lot of running around we need to do and we pick out some things for the basement. Other than that though, it will be time at home to get the new member of our family settled.

Plans - Allergist appointment to see how this new member is going to affect me. Sister J over to meet Miss Stella
Dinner - Chicken and Black Bean Green Enchilada Rice Bake (I saw this yesterday on Picky Palate and could not get it out of my mind and just had to make it. It was SO good)

Plans - A trip to Petsmart to get some necessities for Miss Stella
Dinner - Ham, Cheesy Potatoes, Asparagus

Plans - Another trip to a home improvement store or Ikea
Dinner - Steak on the grill, red potatoes, strawberry spinach salad

Plans - United Way Emerging Leaders Wine Event
Dinner - Food on a Stick courtesy of the event

Plans - Home, can't wait to have a veg night at home
Dinner - Ham leftovers

Plans - Winery Tour
Dinner - Out with the wine group

Plans - Home, work on projects at home
Dinner - Grilled Grouper with Mango Butter (I bought a jar of this at Trader Joe's, now I have to find things to make with it. . .) It was really cold and even flurried here today, so instead I made Devon's Award Winning Chili after watching Ina cook this up with her. I love chili, but I had never made "Texas" chili before with brisket. This was delicious but it made a TON!


Anonymous said...

Love Love Love your bedspread - any info on that. OH and the cat is cute too!

Anonymous said...

Love Love Love your bedspread - any info on that. OH and the cat is cute too!

jillskict said...

Hey Jody, the bedspread is Tommy Hilfiger and I ordered it off of but you can also find it at and it is called Tapestry