Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Restaurant Review - Sakana

Last night we didn't make it to a movie, but we did get out to use a groupon and try a new restaurant in our neighborhood. Sakana has been open for a year and a half. They recently underwent a menu change and added more diverse items to the menu. They started out as just a sushi restaurant but felt they needed to appeal to a wider audience. They added both Thai and Chinese items to the menu, and I think they have a great menu. We had a little bit of every thing. It was the tailend of happy hour when we sat down, so the boy ordered a Soporo, Japanese beer, while I enjoyed a nice glass of their house chardonnay. It finally has warmed up here, the snow is really melting and it was sunny out still, definitely put me in the mood for something lighter, instead of my regular red wine. They even had some tasty martini's that looked good on the menu, definitely next time. I had not had anything since my yogurt at 9:00 am, and was starving, but it had been one of those days, and I did not have a free moment between meetings and actually had spent the day in the office. We started with pork gyoza, crispy calamari with a mango sauce and spicy tuna roll, all very good, we could not even decide which was our favorite.

As an entree I had the chicken pineapple fried rice, which was actually served in a pineapple, VERY good, lots of flavors, delicious, and LOTS leftover! I would definitely order this again.
The boy ordered cashew chicken which tasted so fresh. Tons of fresh vegetables and the chicken was so tender with a delicious sauce. Leftovers of this too!
Loved the ambiance, excellent service and in the summer they have patio tables and music. Considering that it overlooks the lake, this is going to have a great view in the summer time. They also do take-out, I know this will be on our list of take-out places as well. 

I love Groupon's, they offer such a great way to try out new restaurants or places you have been wanting to try. We always make sure to tip on the total before the discount, I hope other people are kind enough to do so as well. 

I am excited to find another new neighborhood restaurant, this is a good one that we will definitely be back to!

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Jacky Hackett said...

Oh that looks DELICIOUS!