Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Decorating for the Holidays

This post comes a little late, but I am sure there is no big surprise there. Realistically, the tree was not even decorated until Christmas Eve, and my mom told me a few times to just relax and understand that this year is unique, and next year everything will be in a different place and I just need to go with the flow. Here is what we kind of haphazardly slapped together this year. You will notice I don't think I have one picture of the dining room table, we didn't use it but I did set it. . . once. This is the eat in kitchen table, and I threw together the centerpiece. Which was promptly eaten by two adorable little twins.
The Scottie dog plates and bowls are a new addition this year. I found them after Christmas at Home Goods last year, I just love them. I only found two bowls though, and six small plates. I found where I can order them online, so I am thinking I will order 4 more bowls for next year.
I found the inspiration for this somewhere else, I can't remember where, but I thought it would be pretty simple to put together and would look nice on the buffet. It was pretty easy to put together.

I found the boot at Home Goods with my niece after Thanksgiving. Shiny sparkly, love it. 
The Reindeer is from Home Goods after Christmas last year. 

 I wanted to do something down the railing, but I wasn't sure what. Found the garland and the berries at Michael's and thought it would work. I am pretty happy with the way it turned out.

 This is in our entryway. The mirror we had, not really sure from where. The boy painted it, but I am not sure of the color yet. I think it depends on how we decide to do the entryway. The little telephone table and bench I just love it.  This is from an estate sale and he redid it. I thought the basket would be a great place to keep Christmas cards as they came in. It worked out pretty well. I wanted a mirror here because the coat closet is there with our hats in it, and I usually need to check things out once I put a hat on.

 This is one of the builtins next to the fireplace and big rock wall that I am not loving, but we are not sure what to do with yet. We don't have a mantle, so it was nice to at least have the builtins. I am sure this will be completely different come next year.
 This is the one to the left of the rock wall.

My dad said I should find something called rice lights with white cords, he thought that might look better. I also thought maybe some of that fake snow would look good too. 
 Love my Snowbabies. Someone said that they think they look creepy. I think they are too CUTE!
 This will always be one of my favorites. Santa's coat and pants are pink and green. And I just love the little girl. I will always remember buying this at an estate sale with my mom right when I moved into my own place in Minneapolis.
 This is another one of my favorite things. The boy and I found this at an estate sale and I just fell in love with this piece. Someone definitely made this, and each part  is so intricate.

Here is the entryway to the house. I love having luminaries. I found these in the dollar section at Target this year. So fun and festive.

 My mom brought the sled to me, I added the skates, so sweet.

 I have no idea where this piece is going. We might try it down in the basement, not sure yet. But since we didn't have a mantle this year, it held our stockings.

 I love the pom poms on the bottom of the little tablecloth.
 This is on a little table that we had brought from the boys house and it was put here in the bay window of the eat in kitchen area, and it just kind of stayed. I had this tree that I had picked up after Christmas last year at Target for 90% off, I think I paid .49. Same with the little garland.

 I thought this was a good place to hang my Christmas aprons in the kitchen.

 I wish I would have had time to have posted this little tour before Christmas but there just did not seem to be enough time. We really did enjoy Christmas in our new home, and we are looking forward to 2011 here as well! Can't wait to get to some of these projects. Now it is on to decorating for January!

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