Monday, December 06, 2010

Just another Manic Sunday. . .I mean Monday

I have been working all weekend. It bites, but I do love my home office. I wish it was done the way that I want it to be, but I still love looking out the windows and looking at life going by. We have had some really pretty snowfalls going on, just light fluffy snow falling down, and there is a ton of snow already on the ground. It makes you feel like you are in a snow globe. Yesterday the neighbor boy and his friend down the street were having a snowball fight,tackling one another, climbing up and down snow embankments. It was so cute, it took me back to the days when my sister and I would spend all day outside playing in the snow. Sledding down hills, building forts and eating icicles. Nowadays, I am in and out as quickly as possible. Loving the fact that we have a heated garage and then I drive to work in a heated garage, some days I don't even wear a coat.

I worked from home today, which was nice, but I feel as though I got hit by a bus, so I wasn't as productive. Still have my Christmas decorations to sort out, hopefully tomorrow. I did make a huge pot of bean and ham soup and the boy brought home some crusty bread, perfect. This week is full of work of course, but a couple of fun things to look forward to. . .a favorite restaurant for dinner with friends C & P who are moving back to the East coast too, all of my New England friends are abandoning me here and returning to their roots! We also have my holiday Christmas party Saturday night at a fancy restaurant downtown. I cannot WAIT to get all dressed up and head downtown. I was really excited to see that Lilly had a LBD named Jillie, now what is a girl to do. . .I am trying to decide between these two, what do you think? And I decided I am definitely going to have my hair put up, I don't get to do it often enough and I love it all done up! So which dress do you like better?

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Jacky Hackett said...

Love the first dress, and that you are back to blogging too :)