Thursday, December 02, 2010

House Update - The 1/2 Bath

So tomorrow it will be 4 months since we moved in to the new place. I seriously cannot believe that four months has gone by already. I had hoped to be really good about taking pictures and updating things, but realistically, when I started this new project and client in July, I had no idea the amount of work I was taking on. I also had not planned on having my camera with over 2000 pictures on it stolen either. I did buy a new pocket camera, but I don't "heart" it like I did my old one. I have thought about just going back and getting the model like I used to have, but everyone keeps telling me how great this one is. . jury. . . still out. . .

Being more of the type A person that I am, I also had hoped to have more done at this point, and thought that I would be all unpacked and organized. I have had to let go of a lot lately and have had to learn to be more comfortable with just dealing with things as they happen. There was a time for a while, earlier this fall, when I felt like my world was just falling apart. I must have had a long talk with myself and told myself that this is not permanent, I just need to get through this, and no one will hand me anything that they think I can't handle. Not sure if any of that makes sense, but it does to me. There is a lot that I miss at the moment. I miss blogging on a regular basis, I miss my friends, I miss having time for myself, I miss meal planning and cooking, I miss planning fun things for the boy and I to do, I miss movies, I miss reading, I am missing being a more active participant in the Junior League, I miss spending more quality time with the boy, going to estate sales, drives and making plans. But I know this all temporary, or maybe its not temporary, but I just need to adjust and learn to enjoy the ride. I love to read, read blogs, and go to the movies, because I always feel like I learn something new. Now, I am just having to learn things in different ways. In truth, I can't wait for the day that I am organized, unpacked, the house is the way we want it, I can enjoy my wine club, friends and family, and I know it will come, in time, but for now, I just have to adjust and continue loving the hand that is dealt to me.

We have made baby steps at the house. And I think that combining two styles into one has been challenging, and we have both had to compromise or change our styles. The era and style of the house is not what I was thinking we would be in. The house doesn't really go with my "stuff" or the boys "stuff". We have had to do a lot of figuring out where things go and what we want to do, all of this takes time, and as I have mentioned, I have very little time due to the work stuff. We have some ideas, but we area also taking our time, and letting the house speak to us, figuring out how we are going to "live" in it to determine what we need and want to do. You cannot even imagine the lists that I have and the Ta-Da List is never ending. We have also had to do a lot of returning, picking something out, trying it, doesn't work, returning it. That all takes time too. I have been spending a lot of time at Home Goods, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Marshall's and of course Target. The day we moved in, there were 8 trips to Target.

Here is what we have accomplished thus far. The 1/2 bath on the main floor is done. Here is a before shot. . .

Except for some art on the wall, we are done, we have just not found anything that really reaches out to us.
We started with the color for the wall, which is a Martha Stewart and is called Beach Grass (Home Depot). The mirror is from an estate sale somewhere, I had it, we had nothing in there, so we put it up for the time being and it has just stayed. Who knows, maybe we will find something we like better, but for now, this works.
We found the striped towel at Home Goods, and used that as our inspiration with the browns and greens.
With the brown ceramic floor tiles, I decided to ditch the dated brass fixtures and go with oil-rubbed bronze. 
I really like the way it turned out. We changed out the faucet (online from, the knobs (Home Depot) on the vanity, a new towel bar (Target), a shelf (Home Goods), toilet paper holder (Target), tin wall art (Junk Market '09).

The tray, soap dispenser and garbage can (Home Goods) we thought would finish things off with the white ceramic and oil-rubbed bronze finishes. I also picked up the vase with potpourri (Target) as well as a candle (Home Goods). The boy loved the truck and wanted it in there, so until we can find some finishing touches, or even unpack in order to use what we have, there it stays. I found the alarm clock at Home Goods as well, and I love the fact that the face goes so well with the color we picked out.
The boy has definitely been learning new things along the way. We had some issues getting the faucet in, water everywhere, and my dad came out to help, which was wonderful, because he taught the boy how to do it on his own. 
  We had also picked out a great light fixture from, unfortunately, when dad came out to install all of the light fixtures we had purchased, he let us know that the light was just not going to work. We can have an electrician come out and do it for us, which we might do when we have a ceiling fan installed in the master. I really like the light. 
I found this great ceramic stool at Home Goods earlier this summer, for $39.99, I love the design and I love the colors. It has the green and brown in, and while I did have it on the deck this summer and fall, we don't have our garage storage completely set up for all of our deck furniture, so I thought it would work in the bathroom as a little table for the time being. 
 Hoping to have some more regular updates soon. We are close on the laundry room (I LOVE the color, Summer Cottage), close on the master bath (color is Basketry) and then my office will be next!


Jacky Hackett said...

LOOKS great! The floor looks so rich with all the things you put in there. I hear the truck on the shelf, great merge of styles.

Hope you settle into a new normal soon. Can't wait to see the house, I know you will make it a great home.

Martha said...

Love all of the things you did - esp. the new faucet and the stool! Yay!