Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Great Christmas!

The boy and I had a wonderful long weekend. Saturday was the first full day off I have had in a long time and we spent it the way that we wanted to.

Friday, the boy and I hosted Christmas Eve at our house. Christmas Eve is always the big day for my family to celebrate, we have a couple of soups, make appetizers and exchange gifts. The past two years we have also included a family Christmas movie. Last year was The Christmas Story, this year it was The Christmas Carol with Jim Carey, loved it! We took my oldest nephew to see it last year, and it was just as good as the first time.

I got each of the kids a furry blanket which they loved curling up under, and they were definitely the hot item this year.
(that is my younger nephew G curled underneath his)
We had a really nice time though, and all received some great gifts.
Saturday morning, Christmas morning, we went to brunch at my parents, checked out our stockings from Santa and then headed to the boys house (which still has not sold) to pick up his snow blower so that we would be ready for the storm we are supposed to get this week. Currently, this is what our mailbox looks like. . .
I am not sure how much more snow we can take! At least we are prepared this time!

After we got home, I was in need of a nap! I slept for over two hours! I never nap, and this nap felt amazing! Although the boy did say that I had basically slept through Christmas. He had my presents wrapped by the time I woke up, so then it was my turn to wrap his. We didn't wind up eating until quite late, but we both got some great presents (I got a Nook color, which I LOVE) and had an excellent dinner, I made standing rib roast that was delicious!

All in all a very nice first Christmas together in our house! I will post some pictures of our decorations later this week! Like my mom said, everything will be different next year, it is all about just figuring things out!

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