Thursday, December 16, 2010

Anthropologie Love

Anthropologie has always been one of my favorite stores. They had one in Greenwich way back when and I used to just love to go in and stroll. I have many things that I have kept from those first days, and whenever I walk in, I always can find something. These are a few of my favorite in the store right now. . .

Who doesn't love a cute little apron, and this one would match my kitchen, LOVE!
 These are called inside out bowls, I just love the different patterns, and who wouldn't be happy eating a bowl of cereal out of one of these bowls in the morning!
 I do love their latte bowls as well, and I have one in the turquoise that I like to put nuts out in.
 How cute is this skirt?
 This book looks a little vintagey, I bet that there are some good recipes in there. . .
 I am not sure if this would be a present for me or the boy, considering how much he loves soup. . .but I love soup too!

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