Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stress! Kind of Meal Plan Monday?

The past couple of weeks have been stressful. I can't even remember if I have shared the news or not at this point, but the boy and I have found a house and we are moving (oh my goodness, please help me) to the 'burbs. While it is a very nice 'burb, and really not all that far out, I am still going to be on a cul-de-sac, surrounded by (desperate) housewives, trees, grass and I will have to drive to get anywhere. The inspection is done and has passed (for the most part anyway) and the closing date is set (two weeks from Thursday) and the packing and purging has begun.

I am really excited, it is just that things have been a little stressful with work (okay a lot) and trying to get all of this house stuff figured out, the boys house goes on the market this week, so we had some things that needed to get done there, and then of course there is a whole lot of what goes where going on! I will be parting with a few of my favorite things, but I am imagining that the boy will be as well. I know that it is hard for him to even imagine moving from his home, but we have talked about this until we are both blue in the face and realize that it definitely is in both of our best interests to make this move.

I will be documenting our progress all along the way, I hope you will come along for this ride, I may need the (emotional) support!

Update - yes, I started this Monday, such is life, now it is Wednesday!

Wednesday morning here now. Ugh. Where does time go? I could use a few more hours every day! I woke up this morning and the boy said, Poppy, you look tired. Well, yesterday was our first of two Presidential Socials for JLM. My new role means that I have to put them together, and due to the fact that I have not been fully transitioned from last years P & A person and have not yet met with my committee to establish roles and responsibilities, it was just me. We had it out at our current presidents home which is just beautiful. I got lots of ideas last night that is for sure, but every part of the house is just amazing and if I could plan a dream home, that would be it! I wish I would have taken a picture of the food, it turned out amazing and we received lots of compliments, a couple of people even asked me who we had cater it! For drinks we had 9 bottles of white, 9 bottles of red, Summit beer, a drink dispenser filled with Arnold Palmers (my FAVORITE) and a punch bowl with prosecco punch. We had about 75 women and it was a really fun evening.

This past weekend seemed to just FLY by. Friday night we went out with friends J & K from CT. We started with drinks and appetizers on their patio. They grilled a buttered baguette which we had with boursin cheese and chips with guacamole, very good. They live in a great building on the river, and we were able to walk down to a great outdoor cafe called Astor Place. They have one of my favorite kinds of menus where they have small plates, cheese plates, soup, salads and sandwiches. They also had a small list of tea infused cocktails which were fabulous. It was a perfect evening with some great friends.

Saturday was such a busy day. We started out with breakfast al fresco at a little cafe by my house called Gigi's which we really enjoyed. We both had the breakfast burrito and neither of us could finish it! I headed to Summit after for my monthly volunteer shift and then dropped some of the other volunteers and Summit workers off at Rock the Garden where they could pour some beers for the concert goers. From there the boy and I headed down to M & M's where we picked them up and headed to a BBQ and then off to a concert at the zoo. Neither of us had ever been to the zoo for a concert before and it was such a wonderful venue for a show, a perfect summer night and a ton of fun. We saw Allison Scott, who is the boy's cousin by marriage and the Geardaddies. It was a ton of fun, I would really like to go back to the zoo for another concert!

Sunday was yet another busy day. We headed out for lunch to celebrate my BIL as well as Father's Day with my family. It was one of the boys favorite places, so he was happy. After lunch my mom took my sister and I next door to this great little shop having a wonderful sale! I bought the cutest brown sundress with pink polka dots, love this time of year and wearing nothing but sundresses! Sunday night the boys parents as well as my parents came over for dinner at the boys so that we could get his house on the market, complete some staging and some general clean up. I made salad and my spaghetti and meatballs which happens to be both of our dad's favorites, with garlic bread and then I picked up a banana cream pie. A very good dinner.

So this week is just nuts. Here is what our schedule looks like at this point. I can hardly wait for life to become normal again, and it will be so nice to only have one house to keep up!

Plans - packing, took a trip to my mom and dad's for her punch bowl and to drop off the steamer, packed 10 boxes.
Dinner - pulled pork on buns and  chips

Plans - JLM Presidential Social
Dinner - we served a fruit platter (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries), veggies and dip, chips and dip, chips and salsa, mini croissants, mini kaiser rolls, meat and cheese platter, cucumber with smoked salmon and creme fraiche, brie and truffle dip, mini brownies, mini blueberry scones, mini cupcakes, chocolate chip sandwich cookies and skittles and starbursts scattered about.

Plans - JLM transition meeting
Dinner - homemade pizza

Plans - Summit Volunteer BBQ and HH
Dinner - Brats and Sausages on the grill with the extras

Plans - Dinner out with friends
Dinner - still up in the air at the moment

Plans - Shop for appliances, Sprint - new phone time, Pack, Dinner out with friends
Dinner - Al Vento

Plans - pack, purge
Dinner - salmon on the grill if it is nice


Preppy in Pink said...

I"M SO EXCITED FOR YOU I COULD BURST! Yeah new house, new house! Congratulations...Don't forget to post pictures!

Jacky Hackett said...

I am tired just reading this update!