Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Turning Over Closets, Things I am Digging!

Ugh! This is one project that I kind of procrastinate about. I guess that is why it has been in the 80's and now yesterday, 90's and I have been going into the bins at the back of my closet to get clothes, but have yet to turn over my closets. SO, that is what is on the agenda this week, in between everything else of course.

Here are a couple of in progress shots from last year, it gets to be such a mess, but in a way I have to take everything out to organize and put everything back.

I always wind up getting rid of things and of course making a list of things that I need to replace. One of the things that I always wind up having to pick up a couple of is white tee shirts. I saw this one in the latest Talbots catalog last night, LOVE it!

Here are a couple of other Talbots pieces that I would like to add!


lisagh said...

I saw that lemon skirt on the Talbots web site and I just LOVE it!!! Wasn't there a matching cardigan as well? So cute.

Unknown said...

I hear you on the dreaded closet shift. But on the upside... replenishing! Great finds from Talbots
Here are some of my recent gotta haves... http://redchairconfessions.com/covet-this/covet-this-3/