Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Things I am Digging!

I have no idea when I am going to get my closets flipped over for spring, but it better happen quick, we have been having some gorgeous weather here, and I am missing out on wearing all of the fantastic spring colors! Yesterday was beautiful though and I was so excited to put these on!
The grosgrain ribbon with the bows and the espadrille, for some reason, just made everything a little bit more right with the world. A green cable sweater and skirt, done! I left work as soon as I could and went home to change into something to go for a walk in, the boy surprised me and skipped the gym and came home to walk with me, it was the perfect night for that. We had dinner and then headed out to look at a couple of houses with the boys parents. We looked at two, one was a no way, the other one we all thought was cute and had a lot of possibilities, but it was TOO small. The dining room was tiny, we would never be able to entertain. It did have a really cute backyard though. 

Have you seen this? I have two, maybe three bikes already, but I think this one suits me to a tee!

Leave it to Lilly to come up with a bike! I just LOVE it, I would need a nice little straw basket on the front, but otherwise, this would be ideal for riding around the lake to Sebastian Joe's for an ice cream cone!

The Twins kicked off their home opener at the new stadium yesterday (and they won of course!), I cannot wait to go to a game! I think this would be PERFECT to carry along with me! Leave it to Vineyard Vines, gotta love it!
Back to work. . . .

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Mellissa said...

I NEED that bag :)