Monday, April 19, 2010

Meal Plan Monday!

We had a great weekend, the weather here has been gorgeous! Friday we were both so exhausted that we just stayed in, got caught up on the DVR and ordered pizza, from one of my favorite places, Broders! Saturday we ran around getting ready for the JLM Spring Fling. I found a new dress, we got the boy a shirt and tie to match, I bought a new pair of shoes which I did not wind up wearing, so back they will go. We had a fabulous leisurely lunch with beer and wine at another favorite place Cafe Twenty-Eight. It has the most charming atmosphere, quaint little patio and a small but diverse menu.

The Spring Fling "Simply the Best" Gala for the Junior League of Minneapolis was good. The location was really nice, the band was really good (but no one was dancing), but other than that, I was not too terribly excited. They had some appetizers which were really not very good at all, you had two drink tickets per person, for really bad wine, I couldn't even drink my second glass! I think I would have rather had a cash bar. I say this every year, but I always have so many opinions about this event, I should probably join the committee, but I also really like to "attend" these events, so I am not sure if I want to "work" them.

Yesterday the boy and I looked at about 10 houses, and I think we found one that will suit our needs perfectly. It is in an area neither of us are all that familiar with, but it will be fun to explore. The boys mom and dad loved it as well and thought it would be great for us too. Details to follow, we are waiting to get some more info, once we do I will post pictures!

This week is somewhat hectic and a little up in the air depending on what happens with this house. My fridge is also a mess and needs to be organized and cleaned out! BUT, this is kind of what the plan is for the week.

Plans - Screening of "The Back up Plan" with my mom, cousin, aunt and the boy
Dinner - R Burger Bar (this is a new place we have not been to yet, but we have a gift certificate that we need to use up!

Plans - Prep for the JLM Cooking  Class
Dinner - Menu to follow

Plans - None yet
Dinner - I have no idea what I have at home (hence the clean out the fridge comment) so this will have to be a hunt and surprise night

Plans - The Monthly Pint at the Lyndale Tap House (love this place and so close to home)
Dinner - Lyndale Tap House

Plans - Catch up on DVR
Dinner - Pizza most likely - frozen

Plans - Summit Duty, Alice in Wonderland Costume Party for Rock the Cause
Dinner - The View first to meet friends for a quick bite before the party

Plans - None yet, maybe look at houses if we don't get the one we like from yesterday, otherwise a free day!
Dinner - The boys parents

For more meal plans, check out the Orgjunkie!


Jacky Hackett said...

Looking forward to seeing/hearing about the house. Very excited for you, was thinking about your hunt this weekend. Your upcoming Saturday sounds like a blast. Are you dressing up?

Martha said...

Yay!!! Where is it? How exciting! I can't wait to hear all about it!!