Monday, March 29, 2010

Meal Plan Monday! Birthday Week Edition!

Not a lot of meal planning going on, but some celebrating, that is for sure! Looking forward to a fun filled week with family, friends and the boy!

Plans - Out to dinner with a couple friend to celebrate my birthday and catch up!
Dinner - Crave Excellent sushi and a creative menu!

Plans - Dinner and a movie, not sure yet, either the screening for "Clash of the Titans" or "How to Save a Dragon"
Dinner - we may be going to The Cheesecake Factory, otherwise a quick bite somewhere else.

Plans - this is the birthday day. . . ugh, but maybe it will be good to get it over with too! Not sure what the plans are yet, hopefully the boy has something in the works.
Dinner - not sure?

Plans - Chanhassen Dinner Theater with the boys parents to celebrate my birthday. We are seeing Footloose and I cannot wait!
Dinner - Dinner theater

Plans - Not sure, we may have to just get ready for Easter on Sunday, we may grab a bite to eat out. Depends on how much we get done at home this week as well.
Dinner - Up in the air

Plans - Swarm Professional Lacrosse game with my sister and her family, my mom and dad, a couple of friends, and the boy.
Dinner - Cosetta's Italian deli, restaurant in St. Paul

Plans - The boy and I are hosting Easter at my house
Dinner - Just finalizing the menu, but my sister is bringing cheesy hashbrowns and a lemon cake, my mom a salad and an ice cream pie. We are doing appetizers, ham, Kalua Pig in a Slow Cooker, buns, Chicken Cherry Pasta Salad, Broccoli Pie and asparagus. Probably too much food, but the leftovers will be nice and I think it is a good variety. My sister is a vegetarian so I have to make sure we have enough for her to eat and my niece doesn't eat a lot.

For more meal plans check out the Orgjunkie!
I will have some more pictures tomorrow of our work in progress on the guest room\ office project. My desk has a fresh coat of paint, the credenza is done, the two chairs have been painted, just need to be recovered.

What we have left to do
  • Paint the cedar chest
  • Paint the small table with the printer on it
  • New bedding for twin bed in guest room
  • Paint the book case in guest room
  • Recover the chairs in office
  • Flip closets to Spring \ Summer
  • New lamps for office
  • New picture frames and pictures for office
  • Organize the top of the Credenza, bookshelf and table
  • Paint Mirrors and hang
  • New light fixture for office (mini chandelier)
So this is just my office and guest room project, we still have the bathroom to spruce up (my sister bought me a new shower curtain which I just love, now I need new towels of course, I think these will be perfect
Then of course we still have the kitchen, our bedroom and the living room yet to spruce up and spring clean. It is such a nice feeling to purge, organize and clean though!

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Jill said...

I hope your birthday week is wonderful - sounds like you have some fun things planned. And I love it when it goes for many days and not just one day - ha! I'm all about CELBRATING!