Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So my parents just got back from their winter stint in AZ (lucky peeps) and my mom always has a huge goodie bag for me when she comes back. This year was no exception, and there was certainly some good stuff in there. But she also bought me a black pair of Birkenstocks. Now, I don't have anything against them, they just aren't for me, at all. I wear my ballet flats with my yoga pants. . . My mom wears them. My sister wears them (with bling even, yes, her dress shoes are silver birks with rhinestone buckles, Birks with bling) and I know other people that do as well, but these, were SO not me.
I was thinking maybe this was her attempt at trying to convert me, and Jacky, if you would have been a 7 rather than an 8, they would have been yours. But, alas, I brought them back to my mother, thanked her, but told her I just couldn't do it, they just weren't me.

Does anyone else wear these? Maybe I just have narrow feet, but I just cannot wear chunky, clunky shoes, I never have been able to though. Give me my Revas or JCrew ballet shoes and I am just fine! The one exception would probably have to be my UGGS because they are a necessity in Minnie and my wellies because they are just cute. I actually got a pair of wellie fleece socks yesterday at Target for 75% off, I think they were $2.49!


Jill said...

Teah - I'm with you. Don't do the Birks, and don't like them. Uggs - yes... Wellies...yes.

Jacky Hackett said...

Those Birks define the exact opposite of your style!