Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Things I am Digging!

Last nights event was awesome. We had a great time, there were some spectacular wines, wonderful food and the best part, fantastic people. Of course, I was too busy table hopping and meeting people, so I did not take any pictures! I really need to have a photographer at some of these bigger events, note to self!

I met some great people through The Liz Logelin Foundation and when Rachel gave me her card I just LOVED it. They are mini cards and the case (I got mine in pink of course!) attaches to your key chain, LOVE it! And yes I have already placed my order. Leesie, I can see you with these as calling cards! (Sorry Suz, I MEANT to put the link in!)

I saw this in an email from Lands End, looks like the perfect transition sweater!

After seeing Katherine Heigl in "The Ugly Truth" and falling in love with her locket, I found this one, perfect with a fall Lilly, no?

I was helping a friend look for some wedding invitations and came across these, I do NOT need more notecards, but I LOVE these!
And I can see this with a couple of my new fall pieces, SO cute!


Suz said...

1. Where are the cards/mini case from????

2. LOVE the locket!

Kate said...

Love the elephant locket!