Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Boy, have I been doing a TON of it lately. A TON. I plan for a living, that is what brings home the bacon. I put together large scale project plans to help systems come together before, during and after major mergers and acquisitions. My favorite part of it is working with the compliancy agencies whether it be the FDA, FTC or any state or federal regulatory laws. I am always learning something new, the laws are always changing, so I need to keep on top of that and I get to work with different people all of the time. The intellectual data housed on systems, it is just something that a lot of people don't think about, but when you buy or sell a company, product or brand, you are also buying that intellectual property as well and I get to help make sure that it either goes with the sale or comes with the acquirement. Fun stuff, and I really enjoy it. BUT, that is the work part.

I also love to plan parties, dinners and get togethers. Some require more planning up front, I love my annual holiday cocktail party and have already started looking at invitations and thinking about the wording, looking at last years guest list and picking a date. I also love small intimate dinner parties and planning the meal. Last night, two girlfriends which I am working on a project with came over for dinner. We started with a tomato, small fresh mozzarella ball, fresh basil, olive oil and balsamic in a rocks glass, then had the chicken and artichoke dish which turned out fantastic along with long grain wild rice and sauteed zuchini along with a really nice chardonnay. For dessert, a simple plate of fresh fruit and cookies (store bought of course). But they loved dinner and it was all very easy. Sunday a group of us are heading to the Polo, cannot wait for that, and next weekend we are up at the lake for a long weekend with my parents.

But, here is where I am REALLY stuck. The boy is celebrating a "big" birthday in September. I threw him a surprise party last year to throw him off, and he was completely surprised and we had a wonderful time. But this year he has asked to do something very specific. I would LIKE to be able to carry out his wishes, but I am having a heck of a time. The University of MN built a new stadium. It opens this year with their first home game ON his birthday. He wants to go to the game with all of our friends. They are sold out and have been sold out for over a year. We could scalp, but I am thinking that is going to be tough. SO, I thought the next best thing, lets have an awesome tailgate party and then go to a nearby bar and watch the game. WELL, all of the parking lots around the stadium, where they will be allowing tailgating, you need to have a season pass to park. UGH. I am getting some feelers out there, asking around to see if there are any options, but I need to get invitations ordered and get them in the mail within the next two weeks! His birthday is September 12th! My sister suggested just throwing a party at my house and watching the game, but I just don't think that is what he wants, we basically did that last year. He did not go to the U of MN, so I think the whole thrill is just the new stadium and the fact that it is opening on his birthday and the fact that it is a BIG birthday. He really doesn't ask for much, so I really would like to be able to give this to him. I know I can make it happen, it is just tracking down the right info!

Back to do some more planning!

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lisagh said...

Speaking of planning... we were talking about getting together in a couple of weeks. We should chat soon to make our plan!