Tuesday, June 16, 2009

HELP! An Appeal to any JL'ers out there! Or anyone in a dinner club!

Hey guys! Need some help, and there is a bonus in here too! This upcoming Junior League year I am in charge of cookbooks and dinner club. I am SO excited as both of those things are right up my alley! My appeal for help is this, any JLers out there have any thoughts, insight or experience in either of these areas?

In regards to cookbooks, where have you seen them sold? Where have been some successful outlets to selling them? How much do you charge for yours (we are considering dropping our price)?

Dinner club, has anyone been in a Junior League dinner club? How much do you charge your members? How do you distribute the information? What have been some of the successful outcomes? What have been some of the lessons learned? If you are in a dinner club at all, any good tips or information?

On June 25th I will draw a name from the comments received and award one of the Mpls./St. Paul JL cookbooks, "Always Superb" to the winner! ALL comments GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks in advance for all of your help on this one, I really want this year to be spectacular!


lisagh said...

I want that cookbook!!! I love the cover so much ... beautiful ice table. Love it!

I have quite a few JL cookbooks at home. Some I purchased at the AJLI conference marketplace, I've ordered some on-line off the AJLI site or individual League sites and some I received as gifts.

If you go to the AJLI web site, there's a page with all the cookbooks from all the Leagues with links to purchase.

jillskict said...

Lisagh, you have to wait for August for yours. . . .We have a ton that we have in storage here that we have swapped with other leagues, and I have quite a few myself. I really want the Chicago one. Did you guys do a dinner club up there?

Unknown said...

I'm not a JL'er (though I'd love to be!), but I absolutely love the cookbooks! :) The JL in my hometown did a cookbook several years ago (and I love mine) and copies are still floating around. Don't know about JL, but cookbook fundraisers tend to linger far beyond the original committee. I'm sure this wasn't much help, but I had to put my name in the drawing for the book! :)

ATC said...

Jilly- down here, in the South, a lot of our home accessory stores sell the JL of BR and NO cookbooks. As a result, almost every household has at LEAST one. Good luck and don't worry about entering me in the drawing as I already own the fabulous cookbook! Please let Lisagh have two entries instead. :)

lisagh said...

We don't have a dinner club :(

Yes! August... can't wait :)

Kristin said...

I love JL cookbooks! When I was a Leaguer, we used to get our best sales at farmer's markets. I pulled a few recipes out that would require farmer's market type ingredients, printed them on a lovely 8x11 cardstock that complemented our cookbook and displayed them with stacks of the books. Bruschetta recipes are great for getting people interested. I also partnered with a few of the big vendors at the market and they put our cookbook postcards on their tables, to remind people to pick one up.

Good luck!