Monday, March 09, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

Yesterday got away from me, but here we go. Last week we followed the meal plan pretty closely, except for Thursday, the boy picked up a take and bake pizza from Papa Murphy's due to a hectic day and we did not get to go out to dinner with sister J due to her having to leave town for a funeral. But we did have a good week overall and Saturday we actually were home as well and I make the best pork roast, I used this recipe, REALLY good, the boy loved it! This week is a little hectic, and things may change, based on weather, but we will see.

Monday-Tacos (hard and soft shell) - Sister J for dinner
Tuesday-JLM Meeting (boy will have leftovers after getting his taxes done)
Wednesday-Pork chops from last week
Thursday-Movie screening and dinner with friends and the boys parents
Friday-Lemony Tuna and Pasta
Saturday-Up in the air at the moment
Sunday-Dinner with the boys parents (this may be at my house this week)

I have had a headcold off and on for over a week now and I am really struggling during the day and sleeping really hard, so I am hoping to finally kick this. My parents are back (although probably would have liked to have stayed another couple of weeks) so they are getting settled back in, we may see them on Saturday for dinner. Hope you all have a great week!

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