Sunday, March 01, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

I always think that we don't have too much going on, until I sit down and plan our meals out for the week. Last week we stuck to our meal plan and really didn't have a lot going on, the only meal we missed last week was the ham and scalloped potatoes, but that was because I forgot in my planning that Wednesday was Ash Wednesday, so we had our Friday meal Wednesday and then I made cheese and black bean enchiladas for Friday, they were good though.

I was supposed to go up North to the lake with the girls on Friday, but I screwed up and this is the weekend for the JLM American Girl Fashion Show, which my niece will be making her modeling debut. My mom is actually coming back from AZ just for this, so I will have to be here. I am still toying with the idea of going up with the girls on Friday and coming back Saturday or Sunday morning, so we will have to see. I will plan as though I am going to be here just in case.

Here is what this week looks like.

Monday - Creamy Fusilli with Mushrooms and Chicken
Tuesday - Dinner with C & J (not sure where yet)
Wednesday - 112 Eatery dinner out with sister J
Thursday - Pleasant Pork Chops
Friday - Beer Battered Tilapia with Red Chile Mandarin Orange Sauce
Saturday - Not sure yet, we may be having our weekly family dinner early with the boys parents and my parents are due back in town too, so I guess we need to be a little flexible this week.

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Anonymous said...

Your menu looks good! Tilapia is one of my favorite kinds of fish. Hope you have a great week!