Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Things I am digging. . . .and card exchange!

I don't have what I would call a true list this year, I don't really "need" anything, although there are a few things that I would like. I picked out my big gift from my parents, which they have told me I could have early, I may take them up on that because it could come in handy for my holiday party. But here are a couple of things that have caught my eye, not that I need anything, but these would be "fun" to have!

I have been using the same planner for years, and while I have an electronic one, which also sync's with my phone, I love being able to write some things down. I stumbled across these and I cannot get over how adorable all of the covers are! LOVE the pink tapestry one and the fact that part of the proceeds go towards CPMC where her son was born and continues to be treated for a heart condition makes it even better. LOVE this!
So I think I am on my third phone this year. This will definitely be the last though. I lost my first phone in 13 years a couple of weeks ago, and while I was bummed, it gave me the opportunity to try something new. I still do not even know how to work the camera, and I can't hear when someone calls me, so I have to put them on speakerphone, but I am sure at some point I will have a chance to spend some time and learn how to use this one.I know I have never owned a gaming system before, but I must say, we have really been enjoying the Wii. We had friends over for dinner last Friday night and had a mini bowling tournament with this game, so much more fun than the bowling that the system comes with, the characters are seriously hysterical!
And nothing beats Wii Fit. It has been my new friend and I just love it, I get a little dose of it every day and it keeps me sane! Especially with the MN winters and the fact that I am not a gym rat like the boy, it keeps me moving. The kids love it as well, I get such a kick out of G-man doing the hula hooping!
I am a hat girl, just in case you didn't know that already. I love love love all of my hats. Especially, again, during the winters here, it really keeps me that much warmer. I saw this one over at BR and think it would be a great addition to the collection, although I am still looking to replace one that was black velvet that I lost last year. . . .
So have you guys been getting holiday cards in the mail yet? I cannot believe how many have arrived already. Mine are close to being ready to go out, but there are some tweaks yet. I of course bought a ton of stamps this year, so now I have to go out and get the difference to put on them. I have some of your addresses, but if anyone else would like to exchange cards, please send me your address to jillski at hotmail dot com.


Suzanne said...

Those planners are adorable!

Kate said...

I am adding the whale planner to my list and thinking of getting my sister the horse shoe one!

I am getting Wii for Xmas-can't wait!