Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hair, long beautiful hair. . .

Okay, so did anyone else see this today? Oh my, if I was his daughter, or wife I would be like, DAD! LOSE THE WIG! Man, that is just down right embarrassing! I am surprised the new President elect advisor's did not advise against the wig! Just had to share! I hope that everyone is well, I am VERY happy to see that Monkey is back and with Chloe and little Miss Em. I hope that you are all gearing up for Thanksgiving and getting ready to enjoy a nice long weekend, I know I am! Although it will probably involve more work than anything else. Cheers, happy Thanksgiving!


KathleenKMM said...

Thank you for posting this. I am dying at the wig - do you think Barack looked at him and was like "Well, at least you'll look nerdy!"

Cindy said...

That is total Ken doll hair. Not good!

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!