Thursday, September 25, 2008


No not that there is a post from me. . . I still need to get a recap in and get caught up a little. The surprise is a birthday party that I surprised the boy with this past weekend!

The boy and one of his brothers are a day and two years apart. They have always had to share birthdays, parties and even toys when they were younger. Last year his family had a 40th birthday celebration for his brother, while the boys birthday was barely acknowledged. I know that not all families recognize birthdays but still, it always makes me feel bad. So this year, even though it wasn't a big birthday, I decided to surprise him with his own party. I was pretty nervous about this though because a lot of the guys I work with and friends all told me how much they hated surprise parties and such, but I kept to the plan.
Boy, was he surprised. The rouse was we were having dinner at my house with another couple. They loved that they were the rouse. He had been at a classic car auction during the day which gave me time to get ready and things set up. Sister J came over in the afternoon to help me get food ready (all of the boys favorites, not my typical party fare) and get things set up.

Things came together quite well, he was definitely surprised, we all had a good time and the party lasted well past my bedtime! But it was good for the boy to catch up with friends from all over that he had not seen in some time.
I was disappointed that none of the boys siblings showed up, but again, not surprised, they are pretty much one disappointment after another and I have pretty much had it with his oldest brother and his white trash bride. I am not usually so negative and rash, but it just gets to a point where you are just done, that is the point that I am at. Here is a great guy, who shows up to everyone elses parties (when invited, more on that later) brings gifts, is there on time (his parents were the only guests to miss the surprise, they had to stop for gas-what????) and is just enjoyable to be around. And they can't make an effort to come to the first and only birthday party that anyone has ever had for him? Thank goodness we have such wonderful friends. I guess it is true what they say, you can pick your friends, you can't pick your family.


RED said...

Oh man! That must be so frustrating about Boy's family. Although, sounds like you pulled off a killer night!! Surprise parties are so tough!

Cindy said...

Great job on the surprise! And happy belated birthday to The boy!