Monday, April 14, 2008

Home again!

It feels good to be home at the moment, even though I just finished packing a "just in case" bag for later today. And I have not even started my laundry, and my house is not nearly as clean and organized as I wish that it was, but I am happy to be home nonetheless.

Work trip was good. Spending the weekends with my girls in CT brought mixed reviews.

Do you have that one person in your life who is just FULL of drama? Who can create drama out of ANY situation. I do. And I accept it because that is who she is. She always has been. She will never change and you can accept it and deal with it or choose not to be friends with her. I think that people in her life have done a little of both. I choose to take the good with the bad because some how or another the good usually out weighs the bad. She is a wonderful person with a lot to offer and we always come up with a million fun things to do, even if it is just a drive down the road listening to some great music.

She also happens to be one of those, I need to be the center of attention, types. Big whoo if you ask me. . . but like I said, we always have a good time together. The last time I was out to visit the girls I stayed with one friend, this time she INSISTED I stay with her (most likely so that she did not feel so "left-out" of things). I don't think I will stay with her again. She is just too HM for me, and she also does not get that I am only in town for a short period of time, so the fact that she would stay in bed ALL day, really got to me, and then when I would push her to get out and do something she would complain. . .A LOT! Anyway, it was really tough being out East this time for me. I just miss it so much and there is just such a sense of comfort, home and familiarity for me. Every where we would go, and everything we would do, we would run into someone, somewhere. I love that. And even if we didn't know someone, people were so friendly and talkative, we had a ton of fun! I even did shots Friday night, don't ask me why other than the fact that these cute little boys were buying them for us, and at my age, seriously, I don't remember the last time a bunch of guys came up and wanted to do SHOTS with us. You don't think they thought it was going to get them anywhere do you????

We did have a lot of good times though, they took me to some new places that were great, I am not even sure which one was my favorite, I will have to go into all of them in another post. We got to go an opening of a friends club which was really nice, I also got to check out some of my old haunts as well.

The weather was gorgeous out there while it was snowing back here in Minnie. I am in denial however and I am banning all of my winter coats and clothes until later this year. Done with winter here!

Yesterday after getting a good nights sleep in my own bed, I received the most wonderful call from a wonderful friend to the North. She wanted to make sure that I was at home and awaiting the arrival of my guest that will be coming this week. I cannot tell you how excited the boy and I are to kick off this expedition! As soon as I hung up yesterday he went to the chalkboard and started making up a list of everywhere we have to take him and the things that we really must do. I have a couple of friends that he really must meet and we are preparing for his arrival! Really looking forward to it.

Back to work here, hope you have all had an awesome two weeks, I have been lurking, reading and commenting, but just too busy to post for the most part. I will be back to myself in a day or two!


Suz said...

Glad you're back and had a good (if somewhat drama-filled) time.

lisagh said...

I dropped him off at the UPS store today at lunch time on a 3-day delivery. He'll be with you on Thursday!


Beth said...

Glad you are back! Sorry your trip North had more drama than you hoped. I think everyone has one of "those" tough as it can be sometimes as you said the good weighs out the bad...otherwise most likely they wouldn't still be friends. Have a great time with your guest:)

RED said...

Welcome home! and Happy Belated Birthday! Great to see you back!
I too, have the drama HM friend, it's always all about her - used to drive my crazy, but now I love to listen to her stories and just let her be, she is who she is, you know? (but I would most likely kill myself if I had to live with her, even for a short while!)