Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend Recap!

I seriously do not know where the time goes! We had a good weekend, but I so wish it was longer!

Friday we went out to dinner and saw a couple of movies. Horton Hears a Who, which was cute, but we saw the 5:45 show, and it was PACKED with kids. I would say that if you have a 2 year old, there are a couple of parts that might be "scary". The only reason why I say this is that there must have been a couple of two year olds in there who cried. There is a scary vulture in one part. And they do cage Horton too. Carol Burnett is wonderful, I just loved her part in the movie. It was a cute movie though.

We had wanted to see The Bank Job last week, so we saw that as well. We both REALLY liked it. It is based on a real story and very interesting. I love Jason Stratham and thought he was fantastic.
It was a packed theater, so for being out already for a week, we were pretty surprised. Good movie, if you get a chance go see it.

Saturday we spent the day at our own homes starting some Spring cleaning. I have a lot of winter stuff that I wanted to go through before I put it away for the season. Even though it snowed again this morning, I am still hoping that Spring is coming and that I will get to take out my Spring clothes! It has seemed here in Minnie though that for the past couple of years that I have been here, we go straight from Winter to Summer, I guess I just want to be organized and ready. I also had some work that I needed to catch up on and a stack of a weeks worth of mail, I also caught Housewives of NYC from last week, I think I am sucked in. The boy came to pick me up for The Ordway, we were going to do dinner, either here or out, but St. Paul had their St. Patrick's Day parade on Saturday and it is a pretty big deal, and I had not thought or planned for somewhere to go around home, plus I was running late, so he had some leftovers and we dashed out the door.

This was our second time in a month to see the SPCO at the Ordway, and we are really enjoying it and thinking of becoming subscribers. It was a wonderful performance and we have been talking about it ever since. We meant to grab a glass of wine afterwards, but it was LBD night and the boy had worn his suit, and we parked in the wrong place, there were TONS of St. Patrick's celebrators out and about, and we were not on the same level, so we decided to just come home and open a nice bottle. I guess I was really lame, but you know how you have those moments where you are just not really into it? That was me. I did get to finally wear this great BCBG LBD that I had been dying to wear and I loved it. I love my dresses and any chance I can get to wear one. I guess I am lucky in the sense too that the boy LOVES to get dressed up, maybe because he does not have to wear a suit or a shirt and tie to work, but any chance he gets to get dressed up he takes! Unfortunately because I was so lame Saturday night I don't even have any pictures!

Because we did not go out treasure hunting Saturday like we usually do, or go out to lunch, we did not get our errands done. So we went to Super Target Sunday morning and took care of the weekly shopping and then we went for brunch, at the Independent, I think we were both just brain dead this weekend, we couldn't even think of somewhere new to try, although I did think of one place, but by that time we had this place on the brain. After, we headed to The Car Show.

The boy looks forward to this every year, and we had a good time last year, so off we went. He loves cars and looking at them, we did have fun checking out some of the newer models. We also had a list of a few that we were particularly interested in. I am about due for a new car, and have been looking for the past six months. He is also due for a new "work" car, but he will get something used. I really miss my little convertible that I had out East, a VW Cabrio, that they have not even made now since 2001, that was by far my favorite car, but in Minnie my dad just did not think it was practical and wanted me to have an AWD. I am used to driving an SUV now and it would be hard for me to give it up completely, so I think that I will always have an SUV, but I would like to find a little convertible to garage for the winter and drive during the summer. Truth be told, I would be just fine with a Vespa as well.

After the car show we picked the boys parents up from the airport. They had a great time in AZ but were happy to be home. We stopped at Grandma's for dinner on the way home and a really nice meal and got to spend time with his parents getting caught up on their trip and adventures. I am glad that it was an early night for us though, this week is going to be a little nuts.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! The boy and I had talked about going out for a while and then having some corned beef and cabbage, but with work and plans for the week, I think I am looking forward to just staying in, making corned beef and cabbage and catching DWS.

Tomorrow night the boy and I have tickets for. . .Bon Jovi and I cannot WAIT! Daughtry is opening for them, so it should be a lot of fun. I have a ton of work to do and Easter to get ready for this weekend so a lot to pack into one week. Hope you are all having a good St. Patrick's Day, Suz, did you take the day off? Have a green beer for me!


Me said...

Sounds like a full weekend!

Happy St. Patrick's Day, and enjoy the concert!

Anonymous said...

The last time I saw Bon Jovi the year was 1993... geez...

jillskict said...

I should mention that I do love Jon Bon. I think I saw him in '93. . .my all time favorite was in Jersey his home. We had a limo and there were 10 of us, TOO much fun. I am not sure the last time I was at a "rock concert" though. It should be an experience.

ATC said...

You and the boy have the neatest weekend outings!

Have fun at the concert!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Have fun! :)

Jill said...

Wow... y'all pack a lot into a weekend. I was wondering if you watched Housewives of NYC and what you thought. I'm not so sure yet...I think I like the Orange County Wives better.

Kate said...

Love Jason Stratham:) Have fun @ Bon Jovi!