Friday, March 21, 2008

Date Nights!

I am a lucky girl to not have to worry about date nights or ask to go out and do things. I get to spend my free time with this wonderful boy who loves to do things and go on new adventures but is just as content to stay in with me, have a nice dinner (my little guinea pig), a nice fire, glass of wine and play some scrabble or watch something on tv. We have joined the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the MN Zoo and now we have become a subscriber to the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra in the past year. There are always things that come up, concerts, wine tastings, dinners with friends, trying new restaurants and it is VERY rare that he ever complains and he comes up with a lot of things on his own as well. Friday nights are usually reserved for dinner and a movie or two, but lately I have been so busy with work I just want to keep things low key and he is great with just ordering a pizza and relaxing at home.

We have had a busy week, Monday night we had talked about heading out to a nearby tavern that was serving corned beef in cabbage. But when we were at Super Target Sunday morning I mentioned maybe we should get the fixings because I knew I was going to have a busy work day, no problem he said and he really enjoyed me making it and even told his mom and dad how delicious it was.

Tuesday night we saw Daughtry and Bon Jovi which was wonderful. But again, he was such a good sport, we had planned on getting dinner and drink near the stadium before the show, but in reality I had too much work to do so he had leftovers and we got to our seats after Daughtry had started (no matter anyway, I could have skipped that part). Bon Jovi was wonderful and we had a really good time.
Wednesday night we had to change plans as well. His parents came over and we went and checked out a couple of houses in my neighborhood. Just looking at something that came on the market two blocks down from me that I was curious about. His dad is a agent so he got the combo to the box and we took a look, not sure what I think about it for sure, more on that later. . . .I had gotten movie premiere tickets for Sleepwalking which was a really good movie. Charlize Theron is a favorite of mine, and her daughter in the movie, AnnaSophia Robb,
was also in Bridge to Terabithia and is an incredible young actress. We only had time to grab a quick slice of pizza before the show, so my fajitas got scrapped this week.

Thursday evenings plans got scrapped as well. Taking on this new role in this new company I joined the executive management team. Everyone is kind of all over the place, but they wanted to do a meet and greet here locally so we had a get together at Britt's last night.
It was really nice and it was really nice that they did that for me. It gave me the opportunity to put a face to a name since a lot of the people that I will be working with will be over the phone, email and IM. Those who were not local flew in, they really went that extra mile which was nice. Significant others and spouses were encouraged to come as well which was nice so the boy joined me. He is really such a good sport, I sorta ditched him and spent the majority of the evening talking shop with two of the management team. It was great don't get me wrong, and I could not have been more impressed with the boy, he is so wonderful, he can talk to anyone and get right in the mix. There was a trivia game going on and they had a team and he was having a blast and since he was so good our team was excited to have him on our team. It was a long night too, and I know he was not happy about having to get up and go into work today while I rolled out of my bed, still in PJ's into my office. But again, a wonderful sport. And when I mentioned maybe we should stay in tonight, he was all for it.

So as the snow comes down here in Minnie, yes we could get another 5 to 8 inches,
I am thinking about some fish for dinner, a fire and catching up on DWS, American Idol and vegging. It has been a long week, but I am just thankful to have such a wonderful and understanding date!

I hope you all have a happy Easter. We are off this weekend to celebrate with family. My mom asked me what I wanted in my basket (I love that she still does baskets for us!) and I told her a bag of starburst jelly beans all for me, I don't want to share. Terrible I know. . . .


Meg said...

You do have a wonderful guy there, Jilly, but it sounds as though he's got a wonderful gal!

Have a happy Easter.

tulipmom said...

I don't blame you about the not wanting to share!

You're so lucky to have such a go-with-the-flow-can-fit-in-anywhere kind of guy. It sounds like you had a great week. How nice of the new company to make you feel so welcome.

Happy Easter to you and the Boy.

Jill said...

Your guy sounds wonderful. And, PS.... I'd want to stay in with some wine and pizza if that were the scene from my window...brrrr! Stay warm! Happy Easter!

~Amy~ said...

HI! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I actually just bought the scrapbooking kit online and put it together myself. It's pretty easy! :)