Monday, February 04, 2008

Weekend Recap!

So again I have to apologize for lack of posts and absence, I had a relapse last week of what I had over the holidays and was down for the count most of last week, on top of that I was busy as ever with work, so my apologies.

We did get in a couple of things last week before I got sick again. Last Tuesday night, one of the coldest nights of the year (it was -26 as we were out and about), we saw the sneak preview of Penelope with Christina Ricci which is due out February 29th. Great movie with a great message, very cute to bring teens to. Also, if you did not fall in love with James McEvoy in Atonement, you definitely will here.

The rest of the week was pretty much a wash, it was SO cold Wednesday I did not even think about leaving the house. I did make a pan of lasagna for the boy Friday night and we had a fire and watched some Netflix movies. We saw A Mighty Heart with Angelina Jolie. Have you seen it? You know, I really just do not get the hype around her. Her character in the movie pretty much portrayed what I think she is like, cold and unfeeling. I don't know why I think that, probably because she had an affair with someone elses husband and I think that anyone that does that is pretty much cold and unfeeling. The movie was "eh" nothing special.

We did venture out to a couple of estate sales Saturday morning, one of our favorite things to do and I was feeling better too. We found a couple of fun things, but mostly we just had fun. We stopped for a late breakfast, did some errands and then came back to my place for a nap, I guess I was still not back to myself completely. So after a two hour siesta (aren't those the best on a dreary cold day in the middle of the afternoon?) I was feeling better so we decided to head to the movies and up to the boys for the rest of the weekend.

We decided to take in a double feature. We saw 27 Dresses which we were both pleasantly surprised with. It was a cute, fun, uplifting film and I definitely agree with everyone, Katherine Heigl is the IT girl of the moment. We had seen her on Oprah on Friday, and she is just seems to be so relaxed and herself, but at the same time she has an elegance and grace about her. Whomever is choosing her wardrobe at the moment also gets a huge thumbs up from me. I love her hair and her dresses!

We also saw There Will Be Blood. I thought Daniel Day Lewis did a phenomenal job, but I did not enjoy the movie overall. There was not very much to the story line and I just wanted more I guess.

Sunday we worked on some projects and I made some wings to take to the boys parents house for the big game. The boy happens to be a Pats fan, so we were looking forward to a good game. So after knocking off some more items off of my ta-da list, including picking up tickets to this, we headed to his parents. When we got there we discovered that his dad had the flu. Probably not the best thing for me to be around, but what were we to do. So we enjoyed the game, well, I enjoyed getting caught up on some magazines, and the commercials of course. Did you have a favorite? It was a good game, but needless to say the boy was pretty disappointed in the outcome.

So this week I have a ton of meetings, but it is snowing today, so I am thinking about rescheduling a 3:30 meeting because the thought of getting all dressed up and trudging through the snow and nasty streets does nothing for me. I also have a doctors appointment schedule since even though I am feeling better, I am nowhere near myself yet. I have a couple of projects to post and a recipe of course and I have started gathering some spring items (seriously I could not help it, and spring better get here QUICK). I have my taxes to do this week and a million things as usual to cross off the ta-da list. I also have something exciting to share with you all on Wednesday!

If you have not stopped by the garage to wish Chloe well, please do so! It was so nice of her to throw her a virtual shower, what a beautifully sweet sentiment!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Jill said...

Hey Jilly- I am sorry to hear you're under the weather again. Yuck. Maybe the Dr. can give you something. We had a SuperBowl party and our house and I honestly only got to see about 5 min. of the game between dealing with the food and all the kids. I didn't even get to see the commercials. Stay warm and have a good week!

Suz said...

I can't even imagine -26 degrees, seriously, I love the cold but that is gross.

Kate said...

I really want to see Penelope. I just saw 27 Dresses again and it really is a cute movie.