Friday, February 22, 2008

Week in Review!

It has been a quite week here, other than my drama and venting the other day. But it has been another really cold week, so I have not wanted to even leave the house. I am really not a big fan of the really brutally cold temperatures.

I TOTALLY deterred from my meal plan this week. I am going to try to be better next week, and be realistic when I do my plan.

Tuesday I made the Deep Dish Pizza Casserole, I forgot the pretzels at the boys house, so that will be on the plan for next week. It was very good, watch for it as recipe of the week as we made a few changes, but it was really delicious.

Wednesday I made Chicken Mushroom Chowder. It was just too cold, and a good hearty soup was the only thing that sounded good, and it was just what the doctor ordered.

Thursday we were all set to go to Third Thursday at MIA for the kickoff of the Chinese New Year, but I was just beat, wiped, drained. So we had leftovers since I cleaned out the fridge and realized that we had a million. I poured a glass of wine and friends came over to enjoy the fire and a bottle. This is Max, whom I happened to think is quite handsome!

Tonight we are off to see Vantage Point and Jumper. Not sure yet if I am going to make dinner or if we are going out, wait and see how the day goes I guess.

I am "working" at Summit tomorrow afternoon after a little treasure hunting with the boy and then I think we are going to a wine tasting tomorrow night, depends on how we feel, play it by ear. Sunday I am "working" at the Food and Wine Show pouring wine. So I guess it is a working weekend, but I am being paid in alcohol at least!

Hope you all have a good weekend! It is supposed to be nicer and warmer here this weekend, so I guess I will be coming out of hibernation!


ATC said...

Max IS a handsom boy! Have fun this weekend!!!

Me said...

Hey Jilly, What did you think of the movies? I've been looking at both of them-and the guy with the accent from Jumper, well-he's so adorable and his accent just puts me over the edge. Is the movie worth the pretty face and accent? What about Vantage Point?

Have a good weekend!

Me said...

Oh, and I agree-Max is adorable!