Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Things I am Digging! And Housekeeping!

Tulip Mom was very sweet to bestow this award on me.

Not sure how she does it, husband, work, SB and pregnant all while blogging. It amazes me sometime when I read other blogs and they have kids and such, and I just wonder how in the world I would be able to do it all with another person in my life to take care of as well. I won't ever know that, BUT, I do get all three kids this weekend. My niece and both nephews and I can't wait. The boy and I will have them from about 3 on Saturday until Sunday night. I am busy planning all sorts of fun things to do, but in reality, I am sure there will be a lot of Wii and a lot of playtime in my closet.

Sunday I think we may take them to the MN Zoo though. They have never been there and I think it should be fun!

Meals will be the biggest challenge, but they are usually pretty good for me. My sister has a hard time getting my niece to eat anything, and she is a string bean, but she usually does pretty good for me. I am sure it will be a late night Saturday night as they will likely want to stay up late, but I have nothing planned for Sunday morning so we will just take it easy.

Did you vote yesterday? It was packed at my polling place. I had to stand out in the hallway and I could hardly hear what was going on and they ran out of ballots. I also had to park about four blocks away and they had police directing traffic. I guess they had a good turnout eh? Minnesota holds a true caucus, so it is different than most other states where we don't just go in and vote, all in all I spent over two hours there, it was my first time and it was definitely worth the experience.

The boy and I have tickets to a show tonight, I am really looking forward to it, I guess I also enjoy getting dressed up and going "out". Okay so wearing something other than yoga pants. I was thinking maybe we would go to dinner, but I did not get home from my meeting Monday night until after 7, and I was exhausted so we just ordered a pizza, had a bottle of wine and a fire. So the steaks I had for Monday are still here, and with voting last night, the boy was at his house, so I had cereal. Just goes to show you how lazy I am when it comes to cooking unless I have someone to cook for! I guess since I am home I can have dinner all ready to go before we head to the show, maybe I will even make it a special romantic dinner. . .hmmmm. . . .

I also am hoping to show you guys a fresh new look soon. . .more on that later though! **You may notice that in preparation I have updated my links, if I have inadvertently missed you, or you would like to be linked here, please let me know! Thanks**

Now, moving onto some Things I have been digging! I have Spring fever SO bad. Probably because it has been so cold all winter here, but I cannot wait for the weather to turn here. I heard this morning that it is supposed to be 80 in DC today, just so you guys know, yes, I am jealous.

Here are just a couple of things I picked up and want to wear NOW, but I am holding out. . .at least for my next trip to Florida!
Ann Taylor Loft Sweater, on sale now too!
Banana Republic Geometric Print
JCrew Navy and White Cable Sweater-this is from a month ago or so. . .
Navy capri's Ann Taylor Loft
Ann Taylor Loft Navy patent ballet flats
Old Navy plaid ballet flats and sneakers (love these!)
Banana Republic Navy Patent belt (I am SO glad I found this!)
And a couple of bags, this is my favorite and will be a good bag through the summer as well, BR (does not fit on my door knobs though. . .)
This is a great Old Navy bag, I brought reading material on the plane with me in this,
This one is just a great basic little bag, and it reverses to solid navy
I love my glass door knobs. . .I needed a smaller version of the chalk bag, I don't always like having a big bag, especially if I am out dressed up for the night.


J said...

That tote from Old Navy is so cute. I saw it a few weeks ago and didn't buy it but seeing it again here makes me want to go buy it!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Cute, cute finds! Enjoy them all and your fun weekend ahead!

ATC said...

I just discovered your blog and, as a new MN resident (Woodbury), I'm loving the MN details!!!

Also, you've got a great preppy style! Have a great week...

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Love the navy & white sweater with the navy capris!  so cute!  Enjoy them on your weekend!

jillskict said...

ATC, can I have an invite to read? Email me, I have a quick question!