Monday, January 28, 2008

Weekend Recap!

So as you can probably imagine from my lack of posts last week that work got the best of me. We worked 16 hour days for the most part and then we all had dinner together, breakfast together, lunch together, and worked through all of it. Sleep was at a minimum. We did eat at a fabulous restaurant one night though, that was a lot of fun. We had to do a lot of juggling,

and there was certainly a little monkeying around. . . . but not from us, this was my traveling companion. . . .

Getting ready to leave Florida for MN Friday was fun. . .someone had tried to flush a diaper down the plane toilet on the plane coming in, that we were supposed to leave on. All three toilets were clogged. It is against FAA regulations to fly with a plane that does not have at least one working toilet (thank goodness) so we all got re-routed through different cities on different carriers and what not. I went through Houston instead of going direct, I was supposed to have been home by 5:00 pm, I did not see Minnie until 1:00 AM Saturday, so it was a nice almost 15 hour travel day. . . so much fun.

The boy and I still got up early and headed to a couple of estate sales. We found a table for the boys office, right now he is using one of mine, but I would really like it back for my office, so maybe this weekend we will get those switched around. We also found him a really cool magazine holder for his downstairs. I love vintage costume jewelry and picked up these great pieces. I never buy earrings because I usually just wear pearls, studs or the basics, but I love necklaces and bracelets and these were some great finds. I have a new Jackie cardigan from JCrew that I cannot wait to wear the green one with!

We grabbed some lunch and the did a little shopping. I wanted to hit the end of the season sales to stock up on some basics, but also, we had a post holiday party that was holiday attire or retro prom, and I had no idea what I was going to wear and thought it was the perfect opportunity to pick up a LBD. It would have been fun to have picked up a vintage fun prom dress, but I just have not had a chance. I did find a really cute LBD at Ann Taylor Loft, along with some other wonderful deals.

The party was SO much fun. And SUCH a treat! This was the holiday party for my "other" job as a volunteer tour guide at Summit Brewery. They went with a retro prom theme and it was held at the brewery, but just like in Footloose, they completely transformed the space. There was a punch bowl fountain, ballots to vote for Prom King or Queen,

open bar, of course, with mixed drinks, wine as well as beer. There were some highlights of course, a balloon arch

-when was the last time you even saw one of those???? I did speak with the head of the decorating committee and she did mention that quite a few calls had to be made to find someone who actually still remembered how to make them.

There was also a photo booth which the boy and I had a lot of fun playing in as well as Centipede, Ms Pac Man

and Galactic video games. The DJ was wonderful spinning all sorts of retro music all throughout a fabulous dinner. After dinner the king and queen were crowned and the dancing really kicked in. At 10 the sushi came out and so did the karaoke. All in all it made for a magical evening that took us all back to our prom days. There were some fabulous get-ups too!

Sunday was unpack, clean, put away and a couple of errands as well as getting ready for the week. We had Linner with my parents (at 3:00 in the afternoon what else do you call it?). They are leaving for AZ this week, so we wanted to see them before they left. They are actually going to get to do quite a bit of traveling stopping in Branson, Vegas, Reno and Palm Springs as well as spending some time in AZ. My dad is so happy to be retired now, I know that they will really relax and enjoy themselves.

This week promises to be very busy and hectic so I did not schedule anything outside of work, it is going to be like that for a few weeks I am afraid, but sometimes these things happen I guess. I have a "ta-da" list about a mile long, so hopefully I can get some of those things crossed off. I did make it to Penzey's yesterday, so I need to go through and throw out some old spices and get the menu for the week ready.

After spending some time in mild weather last week, I am SO ready for Spring here. It was also in the upper 30's here this weekend. So between the nice weather, the stores carrying some of their Spring lines and me with Spring fever, I cannot wait. It seems like as soon as Christmas and New Years are over I am ready for Spring. So I guess it is time to get a new pair of Bonanno's ordered, a new pair of Eliza B's , and to think about some of the basics I need.

So here is a question for those of you who wear headbands, do they hurt your head? Behind your ears? How do you get that to not happen? I mean I have a small head, and they always seem to be too tight and give me a headache. . . .

I do have a couple of posts that I started last week that I will try to get up at some point this week!

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Jacky Hackett said...

Was just thinking about you, figured you had a busy week in FL. Great pic. love the balloon arch!