Monday, December 10, 2007

Weekend Recap!

What a great weekend that seemed to just fly by!

Friday was SOOOOO cold here, why the boy and I figured it was a good idea to venture out to get some errands done, but we did. We had some last minute items to pick up for the party and we grabbed a bite to eat at Pepitos which was very good and just what we needed. I was very happy though to get home and crawl into a nice warm bed. It has been one of those cold weeks where I just have a hard time warming up!

Saturday we woke up and hit a couple of estate sales. The boy had mentioned a month or so back that he would really like to get a nice complete bedroom set for his guest room upstairs. He has a four bedroom house in the Northern Suburbs of the Twin Cities. Two of the bedrooms he uses, the other two are basically storage. So his Master upstairs he uses, then downstairs another is an office which I think I get more use out of than he does. Over the past year he has slowly been accumulating new items and putting things together. We walked into the first sale and found a beautiful three piece bedroom set from the '20's. It is a cherry mahogany, walnut, a highboy dresser, a dresser with a mirror (which is not even clouded) and a double four poster bed. All in beautiful condition. I will have to take a picture once we have it all put in place. That was fun, but we had not expected to do that either and had a ton to do that day to prepare for the party, so it was a little bit of a rush and some juggling. We stopped and had a wonderful lunch in St. Paul at the Wild Onion. I had been here when it was a college bar called something else, 10 years later it is now the Wild Onion serving Chicago fare. Good food though, and it was again, SO cold out that something hot and delicious was needed. After satisfying our appetites, we headed over to my other job at Summit Brewery to pick up my monthly paycheck for the party, being rewarded in beer does have its rewards. There were a few people there volunteering and giving tours so it was fun to catch up with them. Finally it was time to head home to get everything set up and ready for the party.

It all started a month earlier with these.

And then of course there was a lot of planning and spreadsheets to be filled out. Guest list, task list, menu, decorations, shopping, preparing.

It was a great night though and so much fun to see and catch up with friends and family. Both the boys sister, her husband, the boys brother and his girlfriend as well as my sister and brother in law joined us. The first time the siblings were all together. My sister and I,

Friends hanging out enjoying cocktails and conversation.

I made the majority of the appetizers, I actually asked J of sisters J & S to make her Reuben dip because it is always a hit. I will post a couple of the recipes tomorrow. Pretty much everything went and the boy was nice enough to do most of the clean up that night.

Later in the evening, when the majority of the guests had left, we broke out the Wii for some bowling, boxing, tennis and boogie.

I changed clothes about five times before guests arrived that evening, it was just one of those days I guess, and my shoes did come off halfway through the evening as well, go figure. It was a really good time though and I am so glad that everyone came and enjoyed themselves. I also received some fabulous gifts besides some wonderful wine, but my favorite had to be this book by Amy Sedaris, some people just know me!

I picked it up as soon as I had a free moment Sunday and did not put it down until I went through the whole thing, now I need to go back through it and read it more carefully.

Sunday the boy and I took my niece and nephews to lunch and then I took the kids to see Mr Magoriums Wonder Emporium.

It was a great movie, the kids really enjoyed it and it gave my sister and brother in law a little break.

We ended the weekend with dinner and some Amazing Race 12 at the boys parents house. My blond's got voted out last week, so I had to pick a new team. I went with the goth couple. Although the previews for next week do not look good for them. . .

So now it is back to work this week, very busy week here. I have a JLM meeting and social, a movie premiere with the boy and I need to try to get some wrapping and baking done. That time of year I guess!


Muffy Willowbrook said...

I was at Pepito's Friday night too! So bummed I missed you!

tulipmom said...

That bedroom set sounds gorgeous ... can't wait to see a picture!

I love the invitation to what looked like a super fun party!

Cute hat ... I need to get one of those. I'm not straightening this hair just to get it covered in snow, no siree! :)

lisagh said...

I am in LOVE with the pants you are wearing in that last pic!!! Where from? How do I get some?!!!

p.s. I'm going to try to call you tonight to talk about meeting up on Friday.

Kimba said...

That party looked like a ball! You and your sister are too cute!

Anonymous said...

Party looks fun, looking forward to the recipes. OK the pants in the last pic are awesome. Meaghan and I saw Mr. Magorium on sunday too. Cute, even though it made her ball.