Wednesday, December 12, 2007

This or That Christmas Meme!

I am swamped with work, so this is real quick, I had fun doing it, I hope you do too! Would love to know if you posted this on your blog too!

This or That Christmas Meme

Candy cane or peppermint patties? I like the new flavored candy canes, Swee’tart flavored?
Sugar or gingerbread cookies? I think sugar, but neither is tops on my list.
Tinsel or beaded strands? Oh, beaded strands on my tree, tinsel on the boys.
Multi-colored or same-colored lights? Same, just white.
Flashing or still lights? Still.
Wreaths or mistletoe/holly? A little of both, but definitely mistletoe, more kissing is always good.
Rudolph or Frosty? Tough call, but I am going with Frosty, I always thought Rudolph was a little whiny.
Sledding or snowball fights? Sledding, definitely
Snow or ice/icicles? Snow, especially big flakes coming down
Snow hat or earmuffs? Hat, are you kidding me? Do you know how many I have?
Getting or giving? Giving, LOVE picking out the perfect gift and watching the reaction!
Snow days or plow trucks? Snow days, but what does this question mean?
Stockings or presents? Stockings are harder and more challenging to shop for!
Cookies & milk or letter to Santa? Cookies and milk (and carrots for Rudolph!)
Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Not even fair, Christmas Eve is with my family and Christmas Day with the boys, but if I had to pick I would say Christmas Eve, I have the fondest memories.
Log Burning Channel or real thing? Real thing of course!
Cards or emails? Cards, hands down.
Shoveling or cleaning off the car? Neither. . .but if I have to pick, cleaning off the car.
The Inn’s manger or the animals? Animals.
Mary & Joseph or The Wise Men? I like the song about the three wise men.
Jack Frost or Little Drummer Boy? Jack Frost.

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Me said...

Thanks for the great meme-I put it on my page, too. I credited you, but I'm still trying to figure out how to link pages.

Thanks for the incredible party spreadsheet, too. I meant to write earlier, but things got a little nuts last week. Your organization skills are amazing!