Thursday, December 06, 2007

Project of the week!

This is another work in progress post. But I thought I would welcome you guys into where I spend my days, where I create, where I post from and where I read you from. This is a tiny room which is my office. I do think it is cozy, but I have a lot of stuff crammed in here and not a lot of storage space. I am always looking for things at estate sales which will help me to create better storage. The chair used to be blue, my mom and I found it at an estate sale for $4. I painted it and dad put new wheels on it. The lamps have been with me forever. My desk lamp is vintage and used to be brass, until I painted it. The floor lamp that actually matches it, is a reproduction and used to be black, until I painted it.

My desk and the larger bookcase, came from a store near where one of my mom's stores was (she closed that one in late July) called The Countesses Cottage. I LOVED that store and would just go in there and it would make me happy. I bought the desk and bookcase together during a big sale, I think I got them both for about $500.

You will notice the lower bookshelf, shelf on the wall and chair from previous projects, they are all painted off-white, but look much lighter compared to the true vintage pieces.

The curtains I bought on eBay years ago and had them in my cottage out East, I never know whether or not curtains will work from place to place, but they work okay in here.

The rug I bought at Home Goods, I love that store, especially for rugs. I love the scalloped trim around it. You can't tell in the picture but there is some dusty blue to match the walls and accents.

My bulletin board is up. I am quite pleased with the way that it turned out and the size, now I just need to organize it and find the right push pins. Note my preppy calendar? Have you gotten one for 2008 yet? If not be sure to go and pick one up (plus they make great gifts) at Jenny Bee Degigns I have my 2008 all ready to go!

I have a lot of storage boxes and such, because I really do not have a lot of drawer space. I have been getting rid of a lot of stuff lately, purging, and I am not really a paper person, but there are certain things that just accumulate, you know what I mean? I would love any thoughts, suggestions or ideas that anyone has that they use in their own offices at home (or at work, since this is where I am!).

Well I hope you enjoyed your little visit today, it is always a work in progress here, and you never know what we will find on the weekends. My mom keeps telling me that maybe she shouldn't close her stores and that the boy and I should just take them over. . .nope, we do it for fun, not work, that would take the fun out of it!

It is snowing again here, third day this week, I can see it out the window at least and it really is quite pretty, but I do have my little heater going at my feet. It sure is cold out too. . .hope you are all staying warm!


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Britt said...

I love your office! I like the rug and the edges too. Looks like a cozy place to blog.

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Jilly, I love it! Such a cute room! I love seeing people's creative work space. Especially the bulletin boards, I love to see tear outs and what inspires people. Thanks for sharing!