Friday, December 21, 2007

Inspiration Friday!

I still love grateful Friday's, but I am really feeling the need to be inspired right now, so I am going to switch to Inspiration Fridays. I find that I get inspired by different things to do different things. I may see a pumpkin and think, oh I would like to find an interesting recipe to do with pumpkin this weekend. Or maybe I will think of an interesting theme for a wine tasting and will just go to town planning it (wait until you see the one we are doing in January). Sometimes it is a color that inspires me to change the look of a room or the layout on my mantle. I even will go through pictures sometimes and become inspired to write to old friends. So a lot of things inspire me throughout my days, maybe I even become inspired to challenge my inner spirit and mind. I like to constantly be challenged, but not to the point where I am drained mentally and physically. So, this is where I will be sharing my weekly inspiration.

This week, I was inspired by this blog. I have been inspired in a lot of different ways, but for one, I have been inspired to update and redesign my blog, but first I need to learn how. I am going to be working on that over the next couple of weeks, so look for some changes and if anyone has any ideas, please let me know. I also love the way that she decorates her home, the colors that she has chosen and the way that she opened her own shop. First she opened a small one and then expanded quickly to a larger one and I just love how they are both decorated. SO WONDERFUL! She also is only open on Saturdays which I think is pretty neat too, although I would never be able to be open only on Saturdays because that is when we hit all of the good estate sales and find our treasures too.

She also appreciates painted furniture like I do. I know that it is not for everyone, the boy in particular, but I love finding new pieces and painting them up. I cannot tell you how many projects I have waiting for me at the moment, the boy and I keep saying that is what the winters are for here. I am just waiting for the moment when we really have the time to do these things, soon I am sure.

Check out her cottage though, maybe you will be inspired too? I have only been reading through the archives at this point and I have just gotten through 2006, so I am excited to get to 2007. She has already given me some great ideas for things to do here at home, and I cannot wait to see what 2008 holds.

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and Christmas holiday. If you are traveling, safe travels. The next four days are going to be packed and I am sure that I don't even need to tell you that there are about 4 movies coming out today that we are dying to see, but we have too many things going on and I am not sure when we will get there, which seriously, just kills both of us and we keep talking about how we can sneak in one or two here or there. Tonight we are off to run errands and do some last minute things, then it is a wrapping frenzy hopefully with a movie, but just a DVD, then tomorrow we have an annual family Christmas party with my mom's friends since childhood and their families, it really has grown since there 6 of us kids, now almost all with significant others or spouses, plus 6 little ones. Santa comes every year to make a quick sneak preview visit, just to make sure we are all being nice, and this year I am doing dinner, so it should be fun.

Happy Holidays to one and all, I will be back with a re-cap next week sometime!

**Addendum from my post this morning** Remember I said that I was reading her archives, and I always start at the beginning so that I can follow the story? Well, I have gotten through to March 2007 now, and let me just say, that I am even more inspired than I was before. I can't wait to keep reading!

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tulipmom said...

Wishing you and the Boy a very Merry Christmas, Jilly. Your decorations look beautiful.