Monday, November 26, 2007

Long Weekend Recap

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got to spend time with family and friends. It flew by though didn't it? Did you get any shopping done? Did you get enough to eat over the long weekend? I know we did!

The night before Thanksgiving the boy and I ran around doing a ton of errands that we wanted to get done, one included picking up our pies to bring to his brother's house for dessert, which is what we had been signed up for. I don't bake, so dessert was ordered which was no problem at all.

Thanksgiving morning I woke up early and got my cranberry dish made for my sisters, made up a crudite platter and a couple of snack mixes, doubling those so that I had extra over the next couple of weeks. We had dinner at my sisters with her family and my parents. My sister is not the best cook in the world and I have to say I was a bit concerned when I spoke to her at 9:30 am and they were just putting the turkey in, I asked, aren't we eating at 12? Yep. Okay. . . . When they pulled the turkey out, the first time, and started carving it, no surprise here, it wasn't done. It went back in and we ate around 2:30. This is after I took over stuffing duties since I was watching my sister stick in a whole stick of unmelted butter into the stuffing mixture, no water and she kept looking right at the recipe. . . oi!

It was all pretty good though in the end, we had a good time and it flew by. Next thing I knew we were headed out the door to the boy's brothers for some pie. We got there about 4:30 and to my surprise one of the boys opened the door and goes, oh boy, more pie and we already had pie. I guess they had decided that we didn't need to bring pies and that they would go ahead and have dessert without us. It hurt my feelings because no one communicated anything to us, but every family is different and I need to understand that. But I still do not understand why someone cannot pick up the phone and speak with someone. No one in his family really emails, so it is phone only. Oi! I was treated to several special concerts that day. My niece even sold us tickets to her show. Then at the boys brothers all of the boys played a little guitar for me. It was pretty good too!

Friday I got to get up and work for a bit and the boy headed off to work. Yes, we both had to work Friday. I didn't technically, but if I didn't, this week would not be fun. I did head off to get a little shopping in before meeting sister J and her mom for a birthday lunch. Her birthday was Monday, but I had not had much time to see her. It was really nice to be downtown in the middle of the afternoon and one of my favorite restaurants M & S Grill was so slow and quiet we just sat back, relaxed and enjoyed everything.

The boy and I had some goals that we wanted to meet by the end of the long weekend. We didn't get to all of them, but we did get to a lot of them. We had a list, checked it twice and set out to get a little shopping done before taking in a movie. We saw Fred Clause which we both actually enjoyed even though it kind of got panned. It was light hearted, had great scenery such a cute little Northpole Town, really got us in the holiday spirit.

What would a Saturday morning be without a couple of estate sales for us? We had a good time and found some fun things. I also got a huge box of wired ribbon for $2, PERFECT for wrapping gifts. We swung into my parents where the boy hopped in my dad's truck and off they went to the local mega hardware store to pick up his new French patio door so that they could get it installed. I spent some time with my mom and then headed out to do some more shopping, again, not 100% successful, but I did not do too badly either. Since this was going to be an all day project, we invited my parents for dinner. The project and installation was not going as well as they had hoped (these things never do) and they even had my brother in laws help, my mom finally came over and we wound up eating by ourselves and she went home. I fed the boys quite late and the door still was not finished. My dad showed up early yesterday morning to finish the job, which they successfully did! It looks great and it is a HUGE improvement over the slider.

I still had a ton to get crossed off of the Ta-Da list, so I was busy making candy and such, wrapped all of the gifts that we had picked up so far and was able to put them under the boys tree since we were able to get that put up. My cards are almost done, they will go out this week. Overall not too bad. We went to my parents yesterday to celebrate my dad's birthday which is today, a very special happy birthday to him. That is him there with my sisters dog Annie who loves my dad, but also thinks that she is a lap dog.

And then we went up to the boys parents for a little Sunday night tv watching with them. On our way back to the boys, we talked about how working with my dad for two days straight went. I asked him if he thought that my dad and I shared any of the same personality traits. We do. And the boy and I laughed. My dad does not take direction very well, but loves to give it. My dad hates to be wrong and has a hard time admitting it when he is. Hmmmm, reminds me of someone I know. I know that I also share these traits as does my sister. I work on it though. I know they are not the BEST traits in the world to have, but I do try to turn it around. We did giggle though.

So today is back to work, and a busy week it will be. We have been at the boys since Tuesday last week, and we won't be back to my house until Wednesday, I am looking forward to getting my house decorated for the holidays, but for now, it is all about work! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and that you are staying warm, it is supposed to get quite cold here this week!

Hey, quick help question, I am starting to plan all of my menus and if anyone has any snack mix recipes or appetizer recipes that you want to share I would LOVE it!

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lisagh said...

I'm going to compile some of my fave holiday snack/appie recipes for you this week!