Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Things I am Digging!

I have not really chimed in on the whole Fall Season TV line-up, mainly because I just have not had time, and secondly because I have DVR'd so much and really have just not had a chance to catch up with all of it and give it a fair shake, so I didn't want to chime in too early. But I have five at this point without even watching everything so I thought I would give you five.

Big Bang Theory
Have you seen this? HYSTERICAL! I laugh out loud watching this every week. The four main male characters have such a great camaraderie together, this has really added to our Monday nights! I cannot wait for the next week after each episode is over! It is good sophomoric humor but all the same, a good belly laugh is always a good thing!

Rules of Engagement

This was a show that I just got into a little bit last year, but I LOVE this show. I have to honestly say I think it is my favorite. I love David Spade, his subtle sarcastic and sick comments kill me. Patrick Warburton I have always enjoyed and his voice alone cracks me up! I could watch these episodes over and over!

DWS (Dancing With the Stars)
I am loving this season. The drama, the contestants, the dancing, the costumes and of course waiting to see every week who will get voted off! I have my favorites and I am always surprised to see how well some of the stars do. Do you have a front runner? I have been very impressed by how well Marie Osmand has been doing, at first I could not even watch, but a couple of her dances have surprised me, pleasantly!

Samantha Who?

I love Christina Applegate, but this show looks like it will be pretty good, so far anyway, although I am trying to figure out how long they can drag out the amnesia thing, it is pretty funny, I loved last weeks episode with the boob doctor.

Big Shots

This show has got a little bit of everything. It makes you feel sorry for some of the characters, makes you wonder how some of them have made it as far as they have and also gives you some insight into the male ego, another win in my book!


lisagh said...

I am so with you on The Big Bang Theory... one of the funniest shows I've seen in a long time. Hilarious.

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

I'm SOo into DWTS, I can't believe Sabrina got voted off. My favorites are Helio & Jennie and I really admire Jane but they are all great and it's going to be a fight to the finish, that is for sure. Too hard to call right now...