Monday, August 27, 2007

Weekend Recap!

The weather was really nice here this weekend, and thinking about how quickly the summer is coming to an end, I decided to just try to let things go and head to the lake with the boy this weekend. We knew that we would have Friday and most of Saturday to ourselves, so I thought that would be some good one on one time together, and it was. His mom and dad, brother, his girlfriend and the boys came over Saturday afternoon. We all had a nice dinner together that evening. We did all talk together about the decision that the boy is being faced with at the moment and the consequences of his choices. It was not an easy conversation, nor was it that easy to be as open and honest with all of them about my feelings and what I thought, but I had to. They also let him know how they felt as well. Everyone knows what a hard decision that he is being faced with at the moment. He has to finish out this week, his hours are better anyway, and then he has drills next weekend along with his PRT (Physical Readiness Test) and then he is done. If he chooses. I still am not sure what he is going to do . We did talk about it all the way back early Sunday morning. He had to be back early Sunday morning, he was on-call. It was a hard conversation to have but we needed to. He says right now that he is not going to renew his contract. But I am not going to believe anything until it is all said and done. This is a really hard time for me because I am questioning everything, a lot of things I never did before and I feel insecure in a relationship that 99% of the time makes me feel better than I can ever imagine. I know that if we can get through this it will only make our relationship stronger. Wait and see I guess. It is just the waiting that is hard.


Libby said...

You will both get through this. And you're right, it will make you both stronger- as individuals and as a couple. Waiting is hard, the good news it's it's not an indefinite wait, after the PRT you'll have a sure answer. I'll be thinking of you both.

They Told Me to Write said...

Hi - I just stumbled onto your blog... As the wife of a full-time Air Force officer I understand your frustrations with the military. My husband is a pilot who is sometimes gone over 200 days a year and just returned from a four month deployment. These things are hard. But having 14 years of service is a lot to give up - so close to achieving the retirement you mentioned in a previous post and the benefits that accompany that. I'm not very familiar with the reserve side of things and certainly not your personal situation - but I do know it's a hard decision - I see lots of people going through it. So many pros and cons to weigh... I wish you luck getting through this tough time.