Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekend Recap!

We are back from the vast nether regions of the North. As it turns out we were about 20 miles south of Canada, but still quite a ways from our friend Lisagh. It was an interesting weekend. And all in all okay, but not the way that I would choose to spend my weekends on a regular basis.

We sorta started our weekend Thursday evening at the Saints game with friends. We had a really good time, the Saints did lose, but we had beautiful weather and some fantastic tailgating as usual.

I made up a pasta salad, which I will post for recipe of the week tomorrow and Tres Posh's cupcakes, which actually turned out more like cake, with whipped topping and crushed oreo's over that. I know that I have mentioned that I am not a very good baker. Well, I forgot to put spray in the cupcake tin (and I was making cute little mini ones) so they all kinda got stuck, so I got out what I could, put those in the bottom of a tupperware container, put a container of cool whip over that and then sprinkled with crushed oreos. In my defense, I was also working from home, making the pasta salad, packing for the weekend, both food and clothes and getting another pasta salad ready for the weekend. SO, maybe they will turn out better next time. No one was the wiser though and everyone loved it. The game was a TON of fun. Maybe actually too much fun because the boy and I were moving pretty slowly Friday morning when we were supposed to be to his sisters by 7:30 am and did not arrive until 8:30 am, whoops.

We got loaded up there though and headed down the road. We had his middle niece and nephew with us which made for a nice car ride. We were REALLY hungry though, go figure, so we were happy when we stopped for breakfast. And it was a good thing we did as we did not eat again until almost midnight, or if you were me, went to bed without. This is what I meant by it being an interesting weekend. So, let me back up a little. We got up to the cabin, which was really cool and very nice, but also very very deep in the woods. Which is fine, don't get me wrong. The ATV's came off of their trailers and the boys could not wait to get on them and go for a ride. Everyone kind of ventured off in different directions after the initial tour of the grounds. The boys eldest niece and her boyfriend went for a canoe ride, the boys went off on the ATV's and dirt bikes and the adults settled back with some cold bevvies. The bevvies just kept flowing though all night. Then someone had the idea at about 10:30 to make the trek 4 miles down the road to the bar. So off we all went (kids too), still without dinner, granted there was a little munching going on, but no lunch or dinner and since it was not my place to say anything and I had already been slapped regarding the organizing of food, I strictly kept out of it this go round. We got back from the bar around 11:30, I went to bed, the rest of the crew put about 25 lbs. of chicken wings over the fire. His brothers girlfriend put out some potato salad, but that was about it. I really don't think I missed much, but I did wake up around sunrise and caught this and boy was I glad to.

I was happy to wake up and have the quiet time to myself and make myself a nice breakfast, but it was weird to me too. Who wants to sleep the day away? I did finally drag the boy out of bed around 10:30, but it was still pretty quiet. There were a total of 12 of us up there. 6 kids ranging in age from 18 to 11 and 6 adults. The cabin was really cool. The boys brother-in-laws father built it back in 1984. He assembled it on his land outside of the cities, numbered each piece and then put it on two tractor trailers and trucked it up to his land up north and re-assembled it. He also made the majority of the furniture, shelving, doors and cabinetry inside the cabin. Beautiful craftsmanship which has been featured in a number of international magazines. There is also a log cabin building school that tours the cabin every year as part of the curriculum. Needless to say it was quite an experience all the way around.

We made the trek into the bar the next night too. The bar was very interesting and back woodsy. Most of the clientèle are locals. There is a tradition there to sign your name to a dollar bill and staple it to the ceiling so we made sure that we did that.

The kids enjoyed playing some pool and hanging out with the grown ups playing the jukebox. Dinner was pretty late again that night, so once again, when we got back from the bar, this time I think it was only about 12:30, I headed off to bed while the others put some pork steak over the fire. That is really just to late for me to eat anyway. The bad part is that my pasta salad and dessert never got put out, but we dropped that off on our way back to my house at my sisters. I knew they would eat it and enjoy it.

The boy has his two weeks of duty for the Navy starting today. He still has not fully decided what to do about renewing his contract with the Navy when it comes up in September. If he does renew it though he will have to be mobilized. His hours the next two weeks are really funny as well, well not funny I guess, but he will be on from 9:30 am until 10 pm, so I won't be seeing too much of him. We also don't know yet if he will have to be on over the weekends, so I am waiting to hear on that and see if we will be heading up to the lake this weekend. I am also unsure as to whether or not we will be checking out our state fair. Which truth be told I could take it or leave it. A ton of people and a ton of fried food.

I know that there has been some weird weather all over the country, we have had a ton of rain and a ton of flooding in Southern MN here. I hope that all are well and safe and enjoying the last few days of summer, getting the whites in anyway! I know I am!


lisagh said...

The tailgating looks like so much fun! I swear, I'm just going to jump in my car and come down there one day. And are those madras shorts I see on the boy? Good on him!!!

Libby said...

You guys always have such great weekends! I hope you get to see him on weekends during his two weeks. :)

Jill said...

I haven't tailgated in years...having young kids will do that to you! I've gone to visit people and had the whole "weird food" thing, too.

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

You have the funnest weekends! I'm sure the cupcakes were fabulous! Who cares what they looked like, it's all about taste, right!;)

I'm going to try that pasta dish, yum!